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HARDCORE UPDATE: Pauly, Please Enjoy My 54KKK Tits!
Finger Painting!
Poppin' & Blowin'!
Poppin' & Blowin'!
You know I don't just fuck any random male talent that comes along. I am very picky when it comes to who gets inside me but today The Bossxxx asked me to do a scene with Paulie and I could not refuse so after....
I am a great fan of a art and paint scenic landscapes from time to time. This morning though I woke up with a much better idea. WHy use a canvas when I have such great space to paint on my huge tits. I pulled out the brushes and the paint..
Oh I'm so excited! I've found a great big beach ball and am about to strip down and get nasty with it! It's a great way to exercize and relax! I love bouncing up and down, stretching out my legs and letting my huge tits loose all over this giant ball! It's making me quite excited!
As I sat on the huge bed, surrounded by balloons, I laid out and relaxed. I was having a ton of fun sitting and chilling; blowing up the balloons and then popping them! What a satisfying, sexy feeling it was, to use all of the air in my lungs to inflate them...
Getting Some Wood!
The Workout
The Workout
Gent Photo Shoot Part 2
I had to wake up Woody in a panic, because I was feeling incredibly horny! I was naked underneath my robe and had to just hop into the bed to wake this lazy-bones up so I could get what I needed!
Starring Minka. It has been many, many years, but after so many years, Minka has finally found a private fitness center where she could shoot the video she has been receiving hundreds of requests for...
This is later on in the day. We decided to spend the day shooting pictures as well as video. Which sheer top do you prefer? This blue one or the red one? They both make my boobs look so erotic....
Here I am once again in front of the camera just for you. I'm wearing my favorite miniskirt and the most comfortable top I own. This time we're shooting on my plush sequence couch that's so comfortable....

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