Information about membership, billing
and technical issues is posted here
along with links to the people
who can solve most problems.

email the webmaster

Membership: JOIN

CCBill does not accept credit card information from some countries. Past experience and
bank regulations are the cause if this. If you simply cannot find a way to join minkaxxx.com,
email the webmaster and we may be able to help figure something out, using money orders,
Western Union, or some other method.

Membership: CANCEL

Membership in www.minkaxxx.com is an agreement between the member and CCBill, acting as
an agent of minkaxxx.com. Members may purchase access to the member's area of minkaxxx.com,
or CANCEL their membership directly through CCBill, at www.ccbill.com. In order to cancel membership, CCBill
will need 2 of 3 forms of identification from you.
1. The email address you used when you joined.
2. Your subscription number supplied to you when you joined.
3. The credit card number you used to pay for membership.

If you cannot manage to cancel your membership this way, the webmaster will be happy to assist you.

Membership: BLOCKED

If you encounter a page that says you have been blocked by Pennywize, here is what has happened.
Pennywize monitors certain aspects of site access. If it detects usage beyond certain boundries, it
will automatically block your username. These boundries are set to identify stolen or shared usernames,
and include:

* accessing the member's area from more than 12 different IP addresses in any 24 hour period of time

* a username being used on 3 different continents in any 24 hour period of time

* a username being used from two IP addresses at the same time

* excessive download.

HINT - Membership allows you to download everything on the site.
A good way to do it would be to spread the download over several days.

Technical: VIDEO

The most common problems encountered concern viewing the videos contained in this site.
The first thing is to understand that they are reasonably large videos and that they will take
some time to either: begin to stream, or totally download.
If you are having problems with a QuickTime mp4 video, please go to www.apple.com and
download the newest version of QuickTime for your operating system. It is fast and FREE!
Doing this solves 95% of all QuickTime video viewing problems.

Mac users can also play the wmv videos using the application VLC available FREE from videolan.com
Mac uers can also download a FREE version of Flip4Mac that will enable your QuickTime Player
to play Windows Media Video (wmv) files.

If you have all of these apps, and are still having problems, please contact the webmaster. Do not worry
if your subscription is near the end, we have no intention to deny you something that you have paid for.


If you discover a broken link please report it to the webmaster and he will either fix it or remove it.

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