I have many interests and activities that I participate in, besides doing my best to please my fans on the internet.

My newsletters are a personal journal - the good, not-so good, normal, interesting, fun, sexy and odd things that make up my life. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Dec 8th, 2016

For an update on my most recent activities, I have been playing tennis almost every morning, almost every day. Even though the weather is getting cold here, I still go out on the tennis court for good fun and exercise. I have made a lot of friends at the tennis court and many times I have tennis parties at my house and they all come over for good food, good beer and soda (not everybody drinks).

Dolly Fox, a big busty blond Lithuanian girl visited Las Vegas recently and contacted me. She invited me to her suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino to do some shooting. I gladly accepted her invite and went there. She has blond hair, big boobs and a good shape. Also very pretty. We shot a bunch of still photos, available to be seen in the membership area of my website and we also shot three separate very sexy scenes for video. That is also available for sale in the store section of my website. All three scenes are on one video. Lots of booby play and oral in this one. It is my first video in quite a while for VSP.
I was also in Miami, Florida a few months ago for Score magazine shoots and videos which should be out any day now. It is always a lot of fun shooting for Score and I plan to do more. Wait until I get them and put them up for sale in my website store. And the rumor that I am retiring is just that, a rumor. I have no plans to retire.

Also been to Cancun a few months ago and I am going back there tomorrow morning for 10 days of doing nothing but laying out on the beach or by the pool playing pool volleyball, eating and dancing at night. Most of you know that I can eat like a horse and I spare nothing when it is lunchtime and dinner time at the buffet. After dancing I go to the hot tub for relaxation and to rejuvenate after doing nothing all day. Again I plan on taking lots of photos while I am there. I know you all are probably sick of all the Cancun photos but after so many years of shooting for my website, I just don’t know what else to shoot. I have run out of ideas. If you have any ideas let me know by e-mail.

Now for some bad news. After so many years of trying to keep my prices as low as possible, I have no choice but to raise prices. There will be no price increase on my videos but the postage rates have to go up. From now on all domestic orders will have a $6.50 PER ITEM shipping cost. All non-domestic
orders will have a $10.00 PER ITEM shipping cost.

So for now take care of yourselves and others and be happy. I have to go pack.
My flight leaves in 4 hours !

 May 1, 2016

    Went to the doctor a few weeks ago and found out I had a rotator cuff injury. He told me to stop playing tennis for awhile. I can’t do that so he gave me a steroid shot in the shoulder. It helps but I will need another one in about 2 months. 
     My oldest dog died about a week ago and I was very sad. I went and got a Maltese puppy to replace him. He was 18 human years old and that is very old for a dog. I miss him but my other dogs keep me busy.
     It is starting to warm up here in Las Vegas and we had a mild winter. Planted my spring/summer garden of hot peppers, tomatoes and basil. Had to put a wire fence around the garden because my German Shepard got into it and tore it up. Replanted all the torn up plants.
     I am planning another trip to Cancun in early July. It should be pretty hot down there at that time of year. Guess I will stay about 10 days.
     Deauxma was here a few weeks ago and we went to see and dance to my favorite band, Yellow Brick Road. They have a good website. ybrband.com
Bring it up and listen to some of their music. You will enjoy it.
     One thing I want to say about e-mails. I get hundreds of e-mails every day. Most of them junk that I delete. I also get lots of fan e-mails with nothing in the subject block. If you are going to e-mail me, please put something in the subject block. If not I will no longer answer it. 
     Maybe some of you older fans of Score remember John Graham, one of the best photographers Score ever had. He was my photographer the first time I shot for Score and he did many of my shoots and some of my videos. I got an e-mail from Score telling me he passed away, probably from lung cancer as he was a chain smoker. I was very sorry to hear that. And I probably will be going back to Score to do another shoot. I may or may not announce my retirement from professional photo shoots. No, I do not plan on total retirement as long as I have fans that want to see me, my photos and videos, I will stay active in the adult business.
     Until next time be happy and make someone else happy. Love. Minka


 March 1, 2016

    Another long time between newsletters.  I have been out of country a few times with my latest trip being to Hawaii. I just got back from Honolulu a few days ago where I played on an Invitational tournament. All expenses paid by the team. We came in second place. It is a good tournament and I am thinking about putting my own team together for next years’ tournament. The weather there was beautiful for playing tennis. We all went to dinner every night and paid our own way. Restaurant food there is very expensive. Bad economy, expensive food. Go figure.
    I was also in Cancun and Jamaica, my two favorite places for relaxation, sun tanning, playing beach and pool volleyball, EATING and disco dancing followed by time in the hot tub. Both are also great places for meeting people and talking about the “world situation”
    On July 2nd I am going to Costa Rica with Ms Deauxma for a week. Never been there and I am looking forward to it. It is a condo type room from what I am told and you either cook for yourself or eat in the local restaurants, Can’t wait for that. I understand that after arriving in Costa Rica, I have to take a one engine propeller plane to get over the mountains to the condo. That should be interesting. Anyway, I will give it a try and see what happens.
    I get thousands of junk mail every day and that is a pain in the ass. Because of that I am initiating a new policy. Every e-mail that does NOT have a subject message in the subject block, I just will not answer. If it is not corrected, no answer from me.
    Two of my five dogs are eighteen years old now and are just hanging in there. I don’t expect too much more from them. I have to put them down sooner or later before they suffer too much pain.
    Bye for now. Make someone happy. Love, Minka

June 18th, 2015

I just got back from 10 days in Jamaica. From now on I am going out for 10 day trips, not one weekers. Going out for just one week does not seem to be worth it. My travel agent gets me really good deals on the all inclusive lifestyle (clothing optional) resorts in Jamaica and Cancun and it is too hard to pass up. In fact, I am going to Cancun next month (July) from the 5th through the 15th. I also booked another trip to Jamaica next January for 10 days.

 As for Woody. He took all the tests that his cardiologist wanted and everything turned out fine. He does not need any type of heart surgery and he is recovering nicely but slowly. These trips really help him a lot.

I got a message from my webmaster and he told me that my website membership is slowly dropping. He suggested that I get more variety in my photos and make the photos more explicit. Here is where you fans come in. First thing is that I have one of the very few websites that update weekly and does not ask for more money from the fans who join my membership section.

I think my photos are very explicit. I do show it all and not just my top only like some other big breasted models I know without asking for more money. So what is your idea of being more explicit? If you have any photo suggestions please e-mail me and let me know what your ideas are. E-mail me at minka@minkaxxx.com You all are very right when you say that most of my photos are glamour style shots taken at the few resorts I go to but to be honest I am running out of ideas. In fact, I am out of ideas of what kind of photos to shoot for you.

If you are going to suggest some photo shoots, make them realistic and not impossible to do, like nude in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.  If you want hardcore photos I really have no problem with that but they have to be with Woody. He is the only one that I will shoot with without a condom other than paying some high priced male model to come out here from LA or New York to shoot a set of photos and maybe one movie scene.

If you think it is easy to find male models, it is not easy at all. If you think you qualify, e-mail me a photo of yourself (not nude) and I will consider it. Here is your chance to do a movie scene with me, but you will have to bear your own expenses to come to Las Vegas and pay your own way. You would also have to be STD tested within 2 weeks of coming here and you have to bring the test results with you. I will not accept a letter from a supposed doctor.

     I will sign off for now. Take care of yourselves and be healthy and happy.

Feb 12th, 2015

Another long wait for a new newsletter. Again it has been a while and again I have a good reason for it. My manager, who you all know as Woody had a massive heart attack on the evening of October 2nd. I called 911 and when the ambulance got here the medical technicians pronounced him as dead. He had no heartbeat and no pulse. They did go to their truck and brought up packs of ice and iced down his body and used the heart machine to try and revive him. It worked and he got a pulse and heartbeat back.

They took him to the closest emergency room and he was immediately put into a medically induced coma. Woody was in a coma for three weeks and when he was able to breathe on his own, the doctors brought him out of his coma. He was strapped down to the bed with his legs, arms and head strapped to the bed. His hands were tied in mittens. The doctor told me that it was for his own protection because he still had a breathing tube down his throat and the doctors did not want him to try and pull it out until they were totally sure he could breathe on his own. I was there the whole time and it was torture for him because the breathing tube was painful and very uncomfortable. The doctors started giving him sedatives and sleeping medication so that he could relax.

The next day the docs said that they were going to pull out the breathing tube. When the nurses came in to do it they told him to relax as much as possible because they were going to give a hard pull on the tube and force it out. One nurse grabbed the tube, asked if he was ready, he shook his head yes and they pulled it out. Woody screamed out in pain and threw up all over the bed and himself. The nurses then cut the straps and removed the mittens to free him up. He has gotten better over the past few weeks and for those of you that wished he died, you will have to wait ?
Because of his hospital stay I have fallen way behind in mail orders so those of you that are waiting please have patience. I will eventually get to it.

Until next time be happy and stay healthy

Sep 4th, 2014

It’s been a long time since my last newsletter and a few things have happened. My tennis team went undefeated during league play and we looked really strong going to the sectional tournament. Wouldn’t you know that it was bound to happen. My team lost the very first match. It was lose and go home. Most of my players went on a mental brain fart and blew it. I got really frustrated and swore to myself that I would never captain a team again. So what am I doing? I am forming another team for next season. I guess that the headache and frustration of being captain of a tennis team was not as overwhelming as I thought. I am doing it again and looking for mentally tough players as well as being good tennis players. I retired from competitive playing right after winning the National Championship in 2009. I now only play for fun almost every day and coach a team.
I got a call from Elizabeth Starr about 3 months ago asking if I wanted to be on television. She explained to me that Showtime was doing a reality show about her and the medical problems she has had over the past many years about her boobs. The producer wanted to interview some of the girls that have supported her throughout her many surgeries and one of them was me along with Eva Notty. The show will be televised on Showtime but I don’t know when yet but it is coming soon. Just look in the Showtime channels for the Elizabeth Starr TV show.
I got a call from Napali Video company asking if I wanted to do a catfight video with Deauxma. She is one of my best friends and is surely well known as being the most famous adult movie star for MILF movies. Of course I said yes and learned that the video was to be shot on location in Jamaica. I was in Jamaica from June 28th through July 6th and she and I went at it. We stayed at Hedo II which is a lifestyle resort. A lifestyle resort is a clothing optional resort that features a partly nude beach and a totally naked beach and pool with a big hot tub. I went to both beaches every day and in the hot tub in the evenings totally naked. What freedom ?. I also met a couple there. Let me call them Big Mike and his Hispanic wife. We were in my room one night and he was obliging enough to shoot a hardcore photo session of me. His wife jumped in on the photo session all over me, kissing me and sucking on my big nipples. She is in the photo shoot in the members section but I had to blur her face because she is not in the adult business industry. The next day I asked her if it was OK for Big Mike to bang me on the beach. She was fine with that and the next day we shot a hardcore movie on the Jamaican beach. Everything was going great in the shoot and just when Big Mike was ready to pop a load on my boobs, the beach boss came over and immediately made us stop shooting. Boo. That movie is also in my merchandise store and is titled Made On The Beach In Jamaica. It is still a good movie. I was all oiled up for the shoot. Even with no pop shot it is a good movie and you should get it.

February 15, 2014

Wow. I did not realize that it has been such a long time since I updated my newsletter. I will try not to make that mistake again. A number of things have happened since my last newsletter. A group of women got together and formed a tennis team and asked me to coach them to try and get to the US National Tournament. I accepted and tried my best with them. Some of the ladies were pretty good tennis players and some were not. Some had good mental attitudes and some did not. The team won the Las Vegas tournament and went on to Salt Lake City, Utah for the sectionals and they won that one too. Then it was the US National Tournament. Not so fortunate there. The team got blasted out in the very first match and were out of it from then on. I believe it was a lack of mental winning attitude that lost it for them. I was very disappointed. This season I am putting a team together of my choosing to get to the National Tournament. They will be good players with a fighting attitude and I am going to coach them.

I signed for Bill Margold at his Protecting Adult Welfare booth at the AVN this year and it was a lot of fun. Deauxma came in from Texas. On Saturday night we went to Austins Steak House at the Texas Station Hotel and had a great steak dinner. After that we went to the night club and danced to my favorite rock band, Yellow Brick Road. YBR was great as usual.

I also shot a movie with Deauxma called the Bedroom Burglar 2. As soon as I edit it I will have it on my website for you to purchase. It was my first movie in a few years and I will be making more. A lot of you fans have asked me if I have retired. No I have not and I do not plan to retire for a long while.

I also took a trip to Cancun last month and had a relaxing time. I started playing beach volleyball and had a lot of fun doing that. I have no photos of that due to the camera restrictions at the resort but I did take a lot of photos for the website which will start to appear. The problem with this trip is that it rained for 4 of the 7 days I was there. I really like Cancun because the food is so good. In case you did not know I am an eating machine. The open air buffet there all day long and the 3 restaurants in the evening. I wind up going to all three restaurants every evening and have a main course in each restaurant gorging myself before going to the night disco or to the hot tub. The hot tub there is wild. This is a lifestyle resort and anything goes. Anything and everything does go in the hot tub. Want to watch people having sex? Go to the hot tub and bring your lady friend or wife. No singles allowed.
My next trip is Hedo II in Jamaica from June 28th through July 6th. Deauxma is going to be there and we will be meeting up. I am going to try and take my video camera and if everything goes right, shoot a sex video on the beach. That is if no one is around and security people turn the other way. I’ll give it a try.

I also plan on going to the Pearl in Cancun next April. The Pearl is much different than Desires. The rooms at the Pearl are very spacious and the beach there is a little cleaner there than at Desires. The last time I was there the food was not as good as Desires but I hear they hired a new executive chef and the food is supposed to be better. We will see about that.

Have I told you that I have another dog? This one is a German Shepard. I got her when she was a puppy and gave her to a friend to train. Next thing I know I get a call that my dog is at the vet diagnosed with Parvo. Parvo is a very deadly disease for a dog and most dogs die from it. The doctors there were so good that they were able to bring my dog back from near death. Then my so called friend wants to keep the dog. No way. I got the dog back from the hospital and have had her ever since. The hospital bill? Almost as expensive as a human hospital. She is now a 65 pound wild one. My furniture is all chewed up and I have no more back yard. I am sure she will outgrow the chewing. I have bed sheets on all my furniture. The only bad part is her poop. Seems like I feed her 5 pounds of food and she poops 10 pounds. Very hard to clean up but at least she is house broken. So now I have a total of 6 dogs and one parrot in my home. Yes I am an animal lover. Lots of poop to clean up every day but they are all my family. Part of being an animal lover I guess.

Sorry to sign off talking about dog poop but that is part of my daily life. I still go out every day and play tennis and have time to make my own kimche. Take care of yourselves and be happy.

July 25th, 2013

I just got back from my usual summer trip to Cancun. Of the 7 days I was there it rained 4 of those days but I was able to manage some good suntan time at the swimming pool for 3 of those days. The food was really great at that resort and I ate myself silly. I took a number of photos there and they will be up in my members in the future.
I have a new movie out from Score. The details of it is in the merchandise section on my website under the commercial videos section. You should get it from me. I took on a guy with the biggest ever member yet in my career. Wow was it painful, but I managed to get through it. It is a good sex scene and comes in a 2 DVD set. It is called Big Racks Hot MILF’s. I have the biggest rack of all of them ?.
I am going to the United Kingdom for 7 days starting August 5th through August 11th. I haven’t been there in a few years now and it should be a good trip for me. You guys in the UK have to contact photogirls.net to be able to meet me. Anybody in Europe can always fly to London to meet me.

About 8 months ago I got a German shepherd puppy. I gave it to a friend of mine to train. The next thing I know is I get a phone call from him telling me that the dog was in the hospital diagnosed with parvovirus. That is a very dangerous disease for a dog and is almost always fatal to a dog. The veterinarians at that hospital did a miracle job on her and got the virus cured. I brought the dog home with me and I have had her ever since. She was 43 pounds at the time she went into the hospital and she now weighs 65 pounds. I named her Monani. In Korean that means “ugly”. She is certainly not ugly and is a beautiful dog. She loves chasing tennis balls and I bring her to the tennis courts almost every day to chase tennis balls. She does something that is really cute. When it is hot outside she goes to my swimming pool and sits down with her paws in the water to cool off. She also fights with the bubbling water from the hot tub. She bites at the bubbles. I throw water in her face and she bites at that. Very funny. She even fell into the pool a few times but dogs are natural swimmers and she figured out how to swim to the pool steps to get out. The worst part is she comes into the house and jumps on the couch. The couch is ruined now. She is house trained and every morning I have to go out and clean up her mess. Seems like I feed her 5 pounds of food and she poops 10 pounds. Part of being a dog owner. If you can’t clean up after the dogs business then never get a German shepherd. I may even put some photos of me and her up on my website. You dog lovers will get a kick out of it.
That’s it for now. Take care of yourselves and be happy.

May 7th, 2013

It’s been a long time since I updated this newsletter. What brought it to my attention was a recent on-line credit card order one of my fans was trying to place. He was looking at that old Tits and Ass Pass.com website. The one that is illegal but is being run from outside the USA and I can’t do anything about it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can eliminate that website? I am willing to pay $500.00 to anyone that can hack and eliminate that illegal website. Seems he had not ordered anything from me for a while and decided to do some video shopping.
BEWARE!! Anyone placing an on-line order that does not say “CustomerService@Durango-Direct.com is an INVALD ORDER. They will take your money and charge your card. If that happens, I suggest that you place a chargeback on the order. At least that somewhat hurts their illegal bank accounts and you get your money back. Then place the order from my LEGAL website. www.minkaxxx.com. That has a blue homepage with me in a bikini sitting sideways. I also have a USA mailing address that may help. I will give you that address upon request.
Before I forget, I went to Cabo San Lucas last February for a short vacation. The place was fabulous. Beautiful beaches, great food and nice people. Right across the street from the resort (a very short walking distance) I ate at Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. I even took an excursion and swam with the dolphins. That was quite an experience. One that I will never forget. Photos of that will be posted in the members area sometime in the near future. Of course I am going back to Cancun in June for one week. My favorite place of all, mainly for the great food and plenty of it. I also joined a travel club that offers a 25% discount on all “all inclusive” vacations at both Desires in Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. It is really a great savings. If you think you would like to join, let me know and I will e-mail you their contact information.

Newsletter: Dec 27th, 2012

After arriving at our first port of call at Coco Cay in the Bahamas, I immediately started taking photos. In that set, already posted in the members section, you will see the cruise ship in the back ground. Pretty big ship, isn’t it? The name of it is Freedom of the Seas and is the third largest cruise ship in the world. It is fourteen stories high. I really don’t know how big the ship is. On some of the more windy days, that ship would cut through the rough water like a hot knife through butter. Every day it was windy but there were a few days that the wind would get up to as much as 50 MPH.
Our next stop was St. Martin. St Martin is known for its diamond jewelry. Everywhere you look there are jewelry stores. I took the whole afternoon strolling in the shopping centers looking at jewelry, especially diamonds. After all the jewelry shopping I did not buy any jewelry. Why? Easy answer to that. Not expecting it I did not bring enough money and I did not want to use my credit card. I understand that the jewelry stores in town sell much cheaper that near the port. I strolled along the port shopping streets, not into town. St. Martin does have a nude beach there but I did not go there. There wasn’t enough time. When I got back on the ship I went to have dinner and bumped into some people that I had met in Cancun. So we all had dinner together and then went to the disco.
After dancing I went to bed. When I got up the next morning I had breakfast, put on my tanning bikini and laid out on the deck until our next port of call.
Our next stop was St. Thomas. Half of it is French and the other half is Dutch (I think if I remember right). The jewelry shopping is cheaper than at St. Martin. Knowing I did not have enough money to spend on diamonds I took a taxi to the nude beach. That nude beach there was packed. I was surprised to see so many children on the beach. All begging for money. I got used to it and then took a few photo sets. The photo sets there look different because you will see a variety of backgrounds like jet skis, small sail craft and small motor boats. The shoot took place on a rock embankment from the shore to the ocean. The kids running by were giggling at me and it was really very funny. Those kids have never seen a pair of tits like mine and they could not stop giggling and pointing. I grabbed one kid and gave him a titty smash. That made him happy. After doing that here come the adult men wanting the same thing. Sure, why not. For $5.00 a pop I gave them a tit smother. Now came the women wanting the same. Same thing. For $5.00 they too got a tit smother. No way could that be photographed and posted and leave me open to a lawsuit. I’m sure that there are a lot of photos of that around taken by cell phones and small cameras. I earned over $200 doing tit smothers but it still wasn’t enough to buy any jewelry. Next time I go back there I am going to take some money and buy some diamond jewelry.
After we left St. Thomas the ship sailed back to Port Canaveral with no more stops. I found the cruise to be very relaxing but also a little boring. I like the resorts in Cancun better. To me they are more fun. Maybe because there are so many people on a cruise ship and everything is stand on line and wait. Not that way at the resorts. I am sure I will go on another cruise in the future but for right now, no more cruises for a while.
I am going to Cabo San Lucas in February. February 11th through February 18th at the Desires Cabo Resort there. I have never been to Cabo and I am told it is very nice. Pretty sure I will be going to Cancun in July back to the Desires Pearl.
I will be attending the AVN this year starting January 17th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I will be signing at the PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare) booth. I will be signing on Feb 17th and 18th only. If you are in town stop by and meet me and get a topless photo of you and me (cheap ?)
One more thing. Please use the REPLY button when answering e-mail so I can remember what we were talking about.
If you are a member of the Score website, go to the Score website and cast your vote for me for Best Hardcore Performance Of The Year. Voting ends on Dec 31st
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I did. I made Christmas dinner and had a group of tennis friends over for Christmas. I plan on going to see Yellow Brick Road on New Years Eve.
That’s all for now. Stay healthy and be happy.

Newsletter: Nov 26th, 2012

All about the cruise that I just came back from but first I would like to give you fans some tips on e-mailing me. I get hundreds of e-mails every day. Sure, a lot of them are junk mails but I get at least 100 every day. When I reply to your e-mails, I use the reply button. That way you can remember what we were talking about. Then many of you reply back by starting a completely new e-mail. It is impossible for me to remember what we were talking about when you reply with a completely new e-mail. Please when replying to me use the REPLY button so that I have a record of what we were talking about. I simply cannot remember them all. I hope you remember what is in the feedback section of this website about the kind of e-mails you send me. No political, racist or ethnic stuff. I will not respond. And try not to do the name calling after I say no to some of your proposals which are mostly about wanting sex or free merchandise or about me helping you get into the movie business.
OK let’s start off with my flight to Orlando. At least it was non-stop. I spent the night at the Orlando Marriot. The cruisers were bussed to Port Canaveral the next morning. When we arrived at the port, I was looking at a huge 14 story building until I realized that what I was look at was the cruise ship. The name of the ship is Freedom of the Seas and is the third largest cruise ship in the world. The ship is HUGE!! It is over 4 football fields long. Getting aboard was a pain in the ass. There was a very long waiting line one person at a time. Finally it was my turn and the boarding clerk began asking every question about me that she could think of. Then I was photographed, had my baggage checked in and got my electronic boarding pass. When I was told that my stateroom would not be ready for several more hours and I would not receive my baggage until then, I went immediately to the buffet restaurant. That buffet had 4 lines of people picking their items and trying to find tables. I finally got a table and fed myself silly. Got out of there and took a walk around the ship.
After eating I put on my tanning suit, went up to the 14th deck and sun tanned the rest of the day. I then ate dinner, changed into a sexy outfit and went to the disco. They have about 5 or 6 disco stages throughout the ship. I just picked one. So I went dancing and met some very nice people. At around 1 AM I got hungry again and went back to the midnight buffet and stuffed my face again. Then I went to sleep.
I awoke the next morning and had breakfast. While I was eating breakfast I noticed the ship had stopped. We had arrived at Coco Cay in the Bahamas. People were heading to the nude beach there and who am I to say no. The weather was beautiful. Nice and warm with a lot of wind. I got on their small launch and went to the beach at Coco Cay. The first few sets of me in the members area is of me at Coco Cay. The food at Coco Cay was great (and free). After we all got back on the ship we pulled out and headed for St. Thomas. I went to eat again and again went to one of the discos. After dancing I went to bed.
And that is what I am going to do right now. Go to bed. I will write some more about my trip later. Take care of yourselves and be happy.
Before I forget, I will be attending the AVN Convention in January here in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Again I will be signing for Bill Margold at the PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare) booth. The dates of the AVN are January 17th thru January 19th.
Stop by my booth if you are in town so I can meet some of you and take photos with you all.

Newsletter: Sep 10th, 2012

Last weekend I went to Los Angeles and played in an All-Asian tennis tournament that was being played at some high falutin tennis club there. My women’s doubles partner Miss Kim and my mixed doubles partner Kee Ho went with me. We won both the women’s doubles and mixed doubles championship. I was given two gold medals and two pairs of Babolat tennis shoes. The medals will collect dust and I will be wearing the shoes. It happens to be the top line of Babolat shoes which sell for about $130.00 in sports stores. I am going back to LA again next week to play in another tournament. One reason for playing at these Los Angeles tournaments is that I am looking for team players to put together a team to compete at the US Nationals next season. Finding players to play at that level is extremely hard. I know what to expect at that level having been there before and winning a national title in 2009. It’s not just the physical ability to play the game, it is also the mental attitude for that level of competition. You really have to be strong mentally at such a high level.
Another bit of news. I just got finished doing another interview for British television. This time it was a much better interview than the one I did two years ago in which the TV crew, producer and director totally disrespected me and wound up very confrontational. The host of this recent interview was a very nice lady and everything went well. No disrespect, no racism and no bad mouthing me or the business. I have no idea when it will be televised and if it will be televised in the US.
I also did a radio interview for the Spice radio station a few weeks ago and the hosts were two of my all-time favorites, Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn. I met Christy a number of years ago at my very first AVN Convention here in Las Vegas. It was at the time when Christy was a Vivid Video contract girl. Christy invited me to come to the studio any time I want to and I am sure that one of these days when I am in LA and have some time I will drop in at the studio and meet up with Christy again and Ginger.
I have a new video out and you can read about it in the store section of my website under commercial videos. This video is a 4 disc set with over 8 hours of action. Of course I am the highlighted star of the video. It is a bit expensive at $49.00 but a good price for what you get. Over 8 hours! That’s awesome. I have another scene that I shot for Score that has not come out yet and I am anxious to see it myself.
Two more months and I will be off on a cruise. I have never been on a cruise ship before unless you want to count the Boob Cruise that I was on for Score a number of years ago. But that was not a cruise ship. The one I am going on is a big cruise ship. The name of the ship is Freedom Of The Seas and I understand it is one of the largest cruise ships in the world. Expect a lot of photos. Maybe 500 or more.
Take care of yourselves and be happy until next time.

Newsletter: Aug 9th, 2012

Well, I got back from a week in Cancun. I really screwed up. I missed my flight out of Las Vegas. I had come home from playing tennis and took a shower. Then I lay down to take a nap and when I woke up I realized that I missed my flight to North Carolina. My flight was first to Charlotte, NC with a connecting flight to Cancun. Then I had to change my flight (don’t even ask how much that was other than being outrageous). I was lucky to be able to get a seat on the next day’s flight to North Carolina. So I finally arrived one day later than I should have been. The first thing I did when I got to the resort was to eat. I didn’t even go to my room first. I was starving. Luckily I got to the restaurant about 10 minutes before they were going to close the kitchen. Got to my room, unpacked and went right to sleep. Got up the next morning and ate again (of course) and then went to the pool and started working on my tan. After a few hours the daytime entertainment crew called for in the pool aerobics. I jumped in the class topless and got an aerobics workout, went back to the pool for more tanning time. Ate a big lunch (of course), got some more tan time in and then went to my room where I showered and got ready for dinner and the evening’s entertainment. When I finally got to the restaurant I was greeted by a bunch of people I had met over the years of going to Cancun every summer. They reserved a seat for me. I ordered 2 appetizers, two main courses and a desert. I ate it all (of course). Many of the people were glaring at me and asked me how I could eat so much. Most of their questions were “Where do you put it all.” That requires no verbal answers. I just point to my boobs and everyone enjoys a good laugh.
After dinner we all go to the disco for several hours of disco dancing. That’s where many of the guests start getting drunk. Luckily most of the drinkers are happy drinkers and are not the violent drunks.
Most of all of us finish the evenings entertainment with a stay in the resorts huge hot tub. After that it is watching TV and then bed time. Next day is the same routine except for taking the time to shoot a lot of photos. I shot over 500 photos in Cancun this time which will all be in the member’s area which is updated every week. It was a great week of relaxation. A lot of people think that these “clothing optional” resorts and cruises is everyone getting naked and having sex all the time. Not true at. It is a time of relaxing, enjoying the friendships you make and socializing with a free minded group of a free minded people. Of course there is sex but that is most always behind closed doors although I have seen people have sex on the lounge chairs next to the hot tub.
I am now having a problem of trying to figure out what kind of photo shoots I can do for the next few years. I am running out of ideas and places to shoot. As always, if you have photo shoot suggestions, e-mail them to me at: minka@minkaxxx.com
Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy.

Newsletter: May 30th, 2012

The past few weeks have been rather dull except for one night in particular. The weather is warming up here in Las Vegas so I go out every morning and play tennis. Many of the tennis players and I go out to lunch after playing. A lot of the male players have built up their complimentary points from gambling and we all use their point buildup to get free lunch buffets at the various casino/hotels. I like the luncheon buffet at the Palms, but not their dinner buffet.
I just saw on TV that Sarena Williams just got knocked out of the first round of the French Open Tennis Tournament. That was a shocker and the first time that it has ever happened to her. Well, you know what they say, “s..t” happens and it happened to her. I still think she is one of the best female pro tennis players playing today and I feel she will win a few more major tournaments and may even be ranked #1 again sometime in the future. She still has the best serve on the pro tour. I have the biggest boobs and she has the biggest booty. The only difference is that she is a multimillionaire and I am not, really. Another difference is that we are not white.
One of my fans sent me a mini sexerball and I took some photos with it for the members area. I am thinking about doing a video with it but I don’t really have any ideas. Any suggestions would be appreciated. E-mail any movie suggestions to: minka@minkaxxx.com.
Now for that one night in particular . You all know I like classic rock music. So in 2 words, who did I go see at their rock concert? Right. Van Halen! I had great seats, about 4 rows to the left of center stage. I took my little Sony hand-held mini cam and videotaped the entire concert with the exception of their last 2 songs (dead battery). I am going to try and put the concert up in the free area for all to see. I cannot put it in the members area and risk a massive lawsuit. I have not seen it myself yet so I hope it is good. All I can say is AWESOME. Van Halen and the Rolling Stones are the best ever and my pick is Van Halen over the Stones. Just wish that Eddie and David Lee Roth would get along better. Their constant personality conflicts cost them to postpone 31 of their tour concerts. Bet there are some pretty pissed off Van Halen fans. I bought 2 Van Halen t-shirts and will take a few photos of me wearing them and put them in the free area for you all.
Do you remember Kathy, the really big breasted blonde who took some photos with me that I put in the members area? Anyway, I bumped into her at the concert. She was wearing a very low cut tight tank top showing everything except her nipples. Guys were mobbing her to have her pose with them for a photo. I was wearing just a tight tank top and not one guy asked me to take a picture with him, not one. That was fine with me because I went to see a rock concert, not pose for pictures. I would have posed but I would have charged $5.00 a pop. I charge $20.00 per photo at adult conventions. Only at adult conventions I pose topless with the fan.
I am getting ready to go to Cancun in a few weeks. It is a new resort and the next set of Cancun photos will have entirely new backdrops. I have seen the place and I expect to take over 500 photos. I’ll even try to take some hardcore photos on the beach if I can get away with it. I will try. No promises. I will be going to Miami, Florida in the next few months to do another Score shoot. I have no idea what Score has in mind for me to shoot.
Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy

Newsletter: February 6th, 2012

It has been about a week since I came back from Jamaica. It was a great trip except for a few minor things, like the long wait clearing through customs at Montego Bay and then waiting over an hour for the bus trip to the resort. The bus trip took over an hour and a half and from that trip I saw that Jamaica is a fairly poor country. We drove through some very poor looking villages with shack-like houses and people just wandering the streets or sitting along the roadside panhandling. When I got to the resort it was late afternoon and there was little time left for getting any rays on the beach. It was getting close to dinner time so I took a shower and dressed for dinner. I did an evening photo shoot in the outfit I wore to dinner which will be upcoming in the member's area. The photo set you see now in the member's section of the website was the first beach photo set I took in Jamaica. The beach there is really very nice and clean and the water very clear, warm and shallow. I stayed on the beach most of the day except for eating lunch and dinner. I saw the beach boys cleaning the beach and raking it every morning. There are actually two separate beaches there. One is called the nude beach and one is called the prude beach. I went to the nude beach and got kicked off by the security guards there because I would not take my bikini bottoms off. I leave my bikini bottoms on because of my tan lines. So I went to the prude beach where most of the people there are nude anyway. The food there is all locally produced and not very good, at least not as good as in Cancun, but I guess they do the best they can. Even the ketchup is locally produced. The Jamaican beef is very dry and the hamburgers are not juicy at all. Just to let you know I am going back to Cancun next in early July. The next trip to Cancun will be at a new place called the Pearl with beautiful backdrops for photo shoots. More about my Jamaica vacation in my next newsletter. Take care of yourselves and be happy.

Newsletter: December 10th, 2011

Christmas is coming soon. I had a very nice Thanksgiving. I roasted a 21 pound turkey and had a bunch of tennis player friends over to my house for Thanksgiving dinner and watching football. We all had a great time. Now looking forward to Christmas time. I have 2 Christmas trees up in my house. One in the living room and one in my ping pong and pool room. Very nicely decorated. I will probably have a bunch of people over on Christmas day for Christmas dinner. I usually make my home made marinara sauce and cook up a big pot of spaghetti. Everyone always likes that.
I also got back from Miami, Florida a few weeks ago where I did a shoot for Score magazine. A few magazine sets, a television interview and 2 movie scenes. I notice that I was not nominated for Model Of The Year this year from Score. A very good reason for that is because I did not appear in Score in 2011. I am sure it will be different in 2012. Many of you have been asking me to send you voting ballots. Not this year fans but maybe next year.
Guess who has been coming over to my house lately? Lisa Lipps! She has moved back to Las Vegas from New York. She still looks great and I am sure we will be doing a lot of shoots together in the near future.
I have a Twitter and Facebook account now and a few thousand followers on each. I understand that there are a few girls in their so-called adult businesses that are bad mouthing me from their Twitter and Facebook accounts. I will not mention any names here and I have never even looked to see what they are saying about me. A number of my fans have e-mailed me and told me about it. It does not bother me. I guess people can say whatever they want to and I suppose that if these few girls are doing that, then they have nothing better to do with themselves.
It is getting close to January and I plan on taking a week vacation in Jamaica. I decided to take 2 vacations a year from now on. I will probably continue to go to Cancun every summer and I don’t know where every winter. It gets cold here in Las Vegas in the winter and I am sure to enjoy the much warmer weather in Jamaica. I bought a bunch of really sexy bikinis and disco costumes that I will be doing a lot of shooting for you in Jamaica You are really going to enjoy the photos that I plan to take in Jamaica. I have seen photos of the place that I will be staying at in Jamaica and it sure looks beautiful. The place is called Negril. It is about a 90 minute drive from Montego Bay where I will be landing. My good friend Deauxma and I are on the same flight to Jamaica from Houston, Texas. You all know that I will shoot a lot of photos and maybe shoot a movie with her in Jamaica. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in another Minka/Deauxma movie, then e-mail me and let me know your ideas.
That’s about it for now. Take care of yourselves and be happy.

Newsletter: September 29th, 2011

I was in Los Angeles last weekend competing in an all Asian tennis tournament. I won the mixed doubles championship. Another trophy that needs to be dusted off on top of my fireplace once in a while. In the team competition my mixed doubles partner crapped out on me and gave up mentally and physically. He complained of an injury that did not exist. We came in second place. Needless to say, I was really pissed off. That guy will not be on my team that I am putting together for a national title run next season. That’s why I keep saying that putting together a team to play at the National level is extremely hard. There are not that many players good enough in Las Vegas to compete at that level but I will try. After I got back from Los Angeles I took a few days off the tennis courts to rest and stay away from the partner who crapped out on me. I don’t even want to talk to the guy. A very good photographer took a lot of photos of me playing and that will be a special feature on my website. Now I am back playing tennis every day for the practice and fun of it and still scouting possible team players for a run at the Nationals next year (season). I don’t even like losing when playing for fun but I realize that you can’t win them all. Another National title will suit me just fine ?

Also to let you all know that I am going to Miami, Florida next month to do another shoot for Score magazine. Several magazine shoots and 2 boy/girl hardcore movie shoots. I will let you know when those movies are up for sale in my store section of my website. I am also going to do a television interview. I have no idea what TV show the interview is for but is probably for a local channel. I doubt that it will be a nationwide TV interview.

I am also scheduled to go to Arlington, Texas towards the latter part of October to shoot four 3D movies. That is not finalized yet but I will let you all know if that shoot takes place.

That’s all for this newsletter. Take care of yourselves and be happy.

Best Wishes, Minka

Newsletter: July 21st, 2011

I just got back from a 9 day vacation to Cancun, Mexico. I have been there every summer for the past 4 years. It is a very relaxing vacation for me. Lying on the beach or by the swimming pool tanning during the daytime. In the evening there is always live entertainment from about 8 PM until about 10 PM. After 10 PM everybody goes to the on the resort disco for dancing. Needless to say the Cancun vacation is a clothing optional resort and everyone is usually topless or totally nude during the day. Most of the women dress in sexy evening wear for the evening entertainment and disco dancing. In the disco there is a semi-private playroom in the back where people can go and do whatever they please. I have some photos of the playroom in the members section of my website. If they are not there now, they will be in the next few weeks. I took about 10 photo sets in Cancun which will be posted in the members section weekly until all used up.

The restaurants they have at the Cancun resorts are fabulous. There is a Japanese restaurant, and International restaurant where they serve traditional American dishes. You have to make reservations for the Japanese restaurant. Then there is the buffet restaurant where they have a theme for every night. One night is Italian, another evening may be Mexican, then BBQ or seafood night, steak night. During the day there is an all day buffet by the swimming pool. After the disco closes, there is pizza and sandwiches being served at the 24 hour open bar. And room service 24/7. I never go hungry in Cancun.

I plan on taking another vacation in January. This time I will be going to Montego Bay in Jamaica. It is another clothing optional resort. From now on I am planning on taking at least two vacations a year. Deauxma and I will be meeting up in Jamaica. Maybe even do another video shoot. Who knows but probably will. Deauxma is a great lady and we have become best friends over the past few years. I will probably go visit her in San Antonio, Texas sometime next year. She has invited me and Woody over to her house any time we choose to. I was in San Antonio once before but don’t remember too much about the city. I know the Alamo is there and the river walk is supposed to be a very nice city attraction. I also know the Spurs basketball team with Tim Duncan is there. Tim Duncan is one of my favorite basketball players. I follow the NBA pretty much during the regular season and really get into watching the NBA playoffs on TV. I guess I am a Miami Heat fan because of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Two of the best NBA players ever to play the game. They may not have won the NBA Championship this past season but watch out for next season. The Heat have something to prove since losing to the Dallas Mavericks this past season.

As always, I am looking for suggestions for photo shoots. I am running out of ideas. Most of the suggestions so far have been for the glamour photos taken with nice backgrounds. I would have thought that the hardcore photos would top the list of photo suggestions, but to my surprise, it is not. You fans seem to like the glamour photos the best.

Best Wishes, Minka

May 24th, 2011

I just got back from visiting Korea. I went to Korea to visit family. Have not done that in a number of years. It was enjoyable but I am glad to be back home.

It is back to playing tennis every day. I don’t think I will be playing in a competitive league here this year. The players here in Las Vegas are just not good enough to play at the national level. Once you win a national title like I have, it is very difficult to put a team together that can compete at the level of play that I have. I would not like going back to the national tournament and losing.

Reading the feedback section on my website. I get hundreds of e-mails asking me to be pen pals and just chatting. I am sorry, but I do not have the time for just chatting. Read the feedback section on my website about pen pals. Also free autographs and free photos. If I sent a free autographed photo to every fan that asked for one I would go broke. Most, if not all fans asking for free photos do not even have the common courtesy to send postage. If all you are looking for is free merchandise, I am not the person to be doing that, so don’t ask.

Web cam. I have tried signing up with Streamate and have had a lot of problems with them. They are not based in the USA and their required documentation that I have to submit keeps getting kicked back. They ask for uploads with no links. I will have to look for another web cam company. Any suggestions?

Weekly updates. You know that I update my website every Monday but I am running out of ideas of what to shoot for my updates. I am looking for ideas for photo shoots. Again, any suggestions (keep it relatively good)?

Retirement. I am getting lots of e-mails asking me if I am going to retire. Not likely. As long as I have the shape that I have I will keep going. I am not planning on any breast reductions either. I will be around a long time. As long as I have Minka fans, I will be here.

Best Wishes, Minka

February 9th, 2011

Tax time for everybody including myself. What a pain in the ass. What about you fans? Same thing, a pain in the ass. But I guess we all have to pay for our freedom.

I just had a new computer built and it sure is great. My old one was over 5 years old and totally obsolete. Now my new computer is so fast I can't believe it. There were some glitches in the beginning and I lost about 2 days worth of e-mails but eventually found all of them under my old e-mail account. Now everything is working fine.

I should have my live cam up and running shortly, as soon as streamate approves my promotional photo. As soon as that goes well I will publish the show schedule on the website.

Still playing tennis everyday as the winter here in Las Vegas has been very mild.

I am going to Hawaii Feb 19th through the 23rd and I will be in Los Angeles from March 29 through the 29th. Contact me if you would like to meet.

How about those Packers winning the Super Bowl. I watched the entire game with some of my tennis player friends over to my house for barbeque and football. We had a great time. I thought the Packers played a great game. They had to, to beat Pittsburgh. Now Aaron Rodgers has definitely wiped out Bret Favre and the comparisons should stop. I really think that Bret Favre got away with a lot of scandal with that former Jets female employee. The NFL saying that they could not prove that the photos were sent by Favre. What a bunch of crap, don't you agree?

I can't wait for July to arrive when I make my annual trek to Cancun for vacation, sun tan, photos and great food. They have three restaurants there and they all serve great meals and the bar with snacks is open 24/7. The disco is very good and they usually have live entertainment every night. It's a great getaway for me. And, it's totally adult with clothing optional which I just love. Having gone for the last three years I have met a lot of very nice people there and that's where Deauxma and I met and became good friends.

Well, have to go for now. Take care of yourselves and be happy. Minka

January 18th, 2011

It’s a new year now and it has started off very nicely for me. The weather here in Las Vegas has been very mild and I have been playing tennis every day. I work out in the mornings and then go to the tennis court and play about 3 sets. Lots of friends at the tennis courts and we all know each other very well. Many of them come over to my house after a day of playing and have dinner at my home. I love the cooking and enjoying the time talking tennis with my tennis buddies.

I still keep getting the same question from prospective tennis lesson people. They want to know if the tennis lessons are topless. I answer them by telling them that the tennis lessons are on a public tennis court and ask them if they play bottomless. Sorry, but I can’t help but think that asking me if the lessons are topless is a stupid question. Yes, very stupid.

On New Year’s Eve I went to see my favorite band, Yellow Brick Road, the best rock and roll band ever. I know all the guys in the band and I was able to get in through the back stage so that I did not have to wait in the long line that started about 2 hours before show time. Last Wednesday, Jonathan Gilchrist, the keyboards, violin, guitar and saxophone player for Yellow Brick Road came over to my house for a spaghetti dinner. He brought with him some memorabilia from when he was younger. His former wife was Justa Dream, a beautiful busty blonde who appeared in the first Duke of Knockers. Jonathan also appeared in that movie. I appeared in The Duke of Knockers II. I was in 2 scenes in that movie and I have it for sale on my website. You should order it if you have not already seen it.

I am working on setting up a live cam and the way it looks right now the live cam is going to be a pay per view. The live cam is going to be set up with “streamate.” Of course when everything is set up I will be putting up the show times schedule on the website in plenty of time for all to see. At first it will probably be a once a week type show. Because it is pay-per-view I can go totally nude during the show and do just about anything I want to do.

Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy.

December 31st, 2010

The last day of the year. I hope everyone had a great 2010. I had a pretty good year. No real complaints except for my mother. She is now in a coma. Korean custom is for the oldest son to make a decision and it is up to my older brother to have the plug removed or not. I told him to have the plug removed and have my mother pass away peacefully. She was 72 years old.

On a different note. I don’t think I am going to win the Score Model of the Year Award. At last count I was in third place behind Eva Notty and Christy Marks. Oh well, maybe next year if I am nominated again. Except I don’t know if Score has any more sets of me to post in the magazine. Maybe they will call me back for what could be my last time. Who Knows?

The weather here has not been too bad for the beginning of winter and I am still playing tennis outdoors on most days. We had a bad storm about a week ago. Very cold with lots of rain (we need the rain), but now it is very nice and playable.

Next week is the AVN and I will be making my 11th appearance at the convention signing for Bill Margold at the PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare) booth. You should google Bill Margold and go to his website. It is one of the most interesting websites concerning the adult industry that I have ever seen. It is the kind of website that once you start looking at it you want to read everything there is about it, especially his historical knowledge of the adult industry. Bill probably knows more about the history of the adult business than anyone in the world. He has kept me out of trouble ever since I started my career by keeping me away from the sleazebags of the business and only directing me to the good guys and there are not that many good guys believe it or not. Anyway that is my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

I guess it is about time I told you a true story. A few months ago I started getting e-mails from a guy in Canada who was bragging about all the girls he raped and threatening me that he was going to kidnap me, rape me and then murder me. The e-mails were many. He told me stories of what girls he raped, how he did it and how he was so smart that he would never get caught. I kept all the e-mails, made copies of them and sent them all to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The guy is now in prison for the rest of his life.

Stay cool everybody and see you next time.

Nov 6th, 2010

Things have been going slow lately. I am still recovering from my molar surgery but it is coming along. The weather here in Las Vegas has been very nice so I go out and play tennis every morning. I’ll be taking my test for my USPTA license in a few weeks. I have to go to LA for the court test and take the written exam on-line. It should be very easy this time around.
This past Friday I appeared with Candi Cox and Summer Cummings at the Adult Con held at Bally’s hotel here in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun. I did not take enough photos at the convention to put on the website as I only was there for one night. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of fans.
The Score Magazine voting for Model of The Year has started again and I have been nominated again for Model of the Year. If you are a subscriber to Score you will have already received the issue with the voting ballot. If you are a member of the Score website you can always vote for me on-line. If you would like for me to send you a voting ballot just e-mail me with your mailing address and I will send you a voting ballot. I hope all you fans get an opportunity to vote for me for Model of the Year.
If you have ever heard of a sexercise ball, a fan of mine sent me one and I am going to shoot a video using that ball. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun sexercising with that big ball and two attachable vibrating toys. When it is done I will let you know as it will be on my website when it is ready.
The AVN is coming up here in Las Vegas in January and I will be there again signing at the PAW booth for Bill Margold.
I have been thinking about having a private fan photo shoot on one of the nights at the AVN. If I do the fan photo shoot and you would like to attend with your camera in hand please let me know by e-mail and I will give you all the details and admission rate. I don’t know yet where it will be held but when I have a location it will be advertised on my website. I am also looking for some other big boob models to do the photo shoot with me.
That’s all for now so take care of yourselves and be happy.

September 20th, 2010

It’s been a while since my last newsletter. I had to have a molar tooth taken out and it must have really been stuck in my mouth real good. The dental surgeon had to make a lot of cuts to finally get it out. I asked him to show it to me and he wouldn’t and offered no explanation as to why he wouldn’t show it to me. He gave me a prescription for pain killers but I didn’t have it filled out right away. I thought I could get through it without taking any drug painkillers. I was wrong about that. The pain was so bad that I finally gave in and had my prescription filled and started taking the pain killers along with the antibiotic meds that were prescribed for me. The pain killer was hydrocodone - 750 milligrams per tablet. Pretty strong stuff for me. That molar surgery took me out for a few weeks. For you fans who ordered merchandise from me - that is why I was so late with filling out my orders. I was out of it. My mouth got better but all of a sudden my mouth started swelling up. I assumed it was infected. I was right. I went back to the oral surgeon and he told me that the site of the cuts in my mouth started getting infected. He gave me another prescription for stronger antibiotics. They seem to be working because the swelling is slowly going down. No driving and no playing tennis for a few weeks now. I’m working on editing the three way video I shot in Cancun with Deauxma, me and Larry. Larry is Deauxmas’ husband. I also shot a totally naked tennis video with Larry and a shower video showing off my new tattoos. Yes, that’s right. I got some tattoos while I was in Cancun and I am showing them off to you in my shower video. I think you will enjoy it. I also shot a live fire video that was part of one of the evening’s entertainment. It is not a sex show but I think you will like it. Cancun is really a great place to have a vacation. I have already put a deposit down on my next year’s vacation to Cancun.

I am having my computer guy coming over to set up the live cam. When that gets up and running you will be notified of the live cam showings on my website. Anyway, how about some feedback on my new website. Do you like it? Any suggestions to make it better? I know, more videos. They will be coming in the future.

I may have to make an emergency trip to Korea. My 68 year old mother was admitted to the hospital with heart problems. I hope it is not too serious.

That’s about it for now. Take care of yourselves and be happy. Minka

July 26th, 2010

I finally took a vacation for a week and a half and went to Cancun, Mexico from July 1st through 9th. I did not take my laptop and left all work at home. I had great relaxing time for almost 9 days sitting topless by the pool and sitting on the beach. It rained 3 days there so I lost 3 days of sunshine. Needless to say I took hundreds of photos which will be put up over a period of time on my website. I may have even taken enough photos of me in Cancun to last until the next time I go back next year. I have made it a plan to go every year until who knows when. Evening times there were spent socializing at the bar where I always wore very revealing outfits. A few hours at the bar and then going to the disco every night for some disco dancing. Lots of vacationers there were totally avoid of all clothing. I managed to keep some clothes on although I did wear some mini skirts with no panties. I was showing it all and having a great time. They have three restaurants there and they all serve excellent food and at night there are sandwich and pizza snacks at the bar. That is a 24/7 operation with an outdoor kitchen open all day as long as the pool stays open. I stuffed myself silly. I did finally see the crocodile that they advertise as living on the premises.

While I was there I shot two videos. Another video of naked tennis and this time my partner was also in the buff. I also shot a three way with me, Deauxma and her husband. That should be ready for sale in a few weeks.

When I came home I found that my computer had crashed and it took me almost 2 weeks to finally get it fixed. I was behind in my e-mails by over 1800 e-mails from fans. I am finally caught up.

The new website finally opened up and I really like it. It will take some tweaking but sooner or later it will all be fixed up. Next project is to get the credit card ordering system working and then live cam program.

If you have any suggestions on improving my website please e-mail me and let me know.

I have a new movie out titled Maximum Minka. Read the description in the store section of the website. I am sure you will enjoy it and it will become a collector's item.

Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy. Minka

June 11th, 2010

It’s a whole new website dedicated only to me. None of these other websites to confuse you. It is a very easy join up instead of the old join up which was overcharging many of you fans.
I have a lot of confidence in my new webmaster and I can assure you that updates will be made on a regularly scheduled basis. What you can look forward to is content of other girls other than myself. You know there is only so much that I can shoot before I run out of ideas. How many thousands of photos of me are there already on my site. I can’t even count them anymore. Lots for you to enjoy. I hope to be having more videos clips that you can view.
The next step will be to set up the merchant account so that you can easily order my videos and other Minka merchandise. After that will be setting up a live cam free to members only. Of course I will also be having private viewings where almost anything goes.
If you have any ideas for photo shoots please e-mail your ideas to me at: www.minkaxxx.com. Let’s not get too raunchy on photo shoots
I have a new movie out titled Maximum Minka. You can order it by regular mail to my fan club address: Minka Fan Club, 8635 W. Sahara Ave., #564, Las Vegas, NV 89117. Right now it is only available by regular mail until I get the merchant account set up. Purchase price is $35.00 + $5.00 P&H.
It is getting hot enough here in Las Vegas to shoot some outdoor photos of me at my swimming pool and some oily, getting a tan shots. I know you fans like that oiled up look.
Enjoy my new website and let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make it even better.

February 21st, 2010

Let’s talk a little about tennis lessons. You all know I advertise that I give tennis lessons if you are in Las Vegas. I get quite a few e-mails about my tennis lessons. They go something like this. “What is included in a tennis lesson.” I respond by saying that my tennis lessons are based on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player. I also state that my tennis lessons are given on a public tennis court. That being said should give you a hint about something. That my tennis lessons are not topless. Then the same person e-mails me back asking if my lessons are topless. I answer by saying no, my lessons are again given on a public tennis court. Then he e-mails me back asking if I wear underwear during my tennis lesson. I respond by saying that I always wear underwear when giving a lesson. Then he e-mails me back saying he wants a topless and bottomless tennis lesson. Now this is getting down right stupid isn’t it? Very stupid. So I respond by saying that I want to see him bottomless when giving him a tennis lesson. Then he e-mails me back saying that my reputation for being rude to fans is well founded and that he is going to trash all the videos he has bought of me in the adult stores. I have already run a records check on this guy and I find that he has never bought any of my videos from me so he really is not a fan of mine.

If you are going to inquire about tennis lessons, don’t be silly and ask a lot of stupid questions. My lessons are not topless, bottomless or naked. My lessons are given on a public tennis court and a lesson is just that, a tennis lesson. I will teach you form on forehand, backhand, serve or volleys or work on whatever tennis stroke you want. I try not to be rude when answering e-mails but if you are going to be stupid or rude when e-mailing me I will treat you like you treat me. Stupid or rude. I tell it like it is.


January 14th, 2010

The AVN has come and gone. It is getting smaller every year. Don’t know really why but that’s the way it is I guess. I enjoyed the AVN this year. Last year I did not attend but this year I again signed for Bill Margold at the PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare) booth. I ran into some old friends that I have not seen in a long time. The legendary Lori Wagner was also signing at the PAW booth. I ran into Europe DiChan, Sofia Staxx, Claudia-Marie. I also met a new girl named Cathy Metal. A huge busted blond and we shot some photos together which will be in my members area in the future. She lives in Rhode Island but plans on moving to Las Vegas. She says it is too cold in Rhode Island. If and when she decides to go full nude and do hardcore, she has a good future in the adult business. I am also planning on some trips out of town in the next few months. I will be in Hawaii February 24th through the 26th. I will also be in London, England from March 23rd through March 26th. Contact me by e-mail if you would like to meet me in any of those two cities. I also just shot another movie. A first for me. Go to my website and read the video description and you will see what it is. It will surprise you and it is a must order. The weather here as been very mild for wintertime so I have been playing tennis every day. I will not be playing league tennis for 2010. I am taking a break for a year from all the stress from playing on two teams that went to the National Championships in 2009. I will start in league play for the 2011 season. You should all know by now that I am a National Champion, the best amateur tennis player in the USA.

November 1, 2009

NATIONAL CHAMPION!! I am now the best female amateur tennis player in the USA (along with my partner) in 4.5 women’s doubles. This past weekend here in Las Vegas my women’s doubles team won the USTA National Championships. We played teams from all over the USA. My toughest match was against Texas. My team won the first set, lost the second set and it wound up to a ten point tie breaker. My partner and I were down 9-5. Our opponents only had to win one more point and they would have beaten us. My partner and I buckled down and won the next 6 points winning the match by a score of 11-9. It was an awesome comeback that nobody thought we could win that were watching the match. Texas always has a strong team and were favored to beat us. The next day we played Seattle, WA for the title. My partner and I lost the first set 7-5, won the second set 6-2 and this one too went down to the ten point tie breaker. We won going away by a score of 10-6. We had been down 5-2 but came back with 5 straight points making the score 7-5. They won the next point so the score was now 7-6. We then won the next four points and won the Nationals. I have been waiting three years for this and my partner and I finally became the best in the USA. My next National Championship tournament is the end of this month in Tucson, Arizona for the mixed doubles title in the 8.0 computer category. I just got through shooting a music video with the C/W singer, Stokes Nielson. He is an up and comer from Nashville, TN. It was a lot of fun shooting the video. Guess what I was doing in the video? Playing tennis against Stokes. I have no idea what song is going to go along with the video nor when it is coming out. Will keep you posted on that. I am still working on the live cam. I got the program but for some reason my laptop will not upload the program completely. My computer guy is going to try and fix it. I may have to get another laptop. If I have to get another one I will just have to do it. The problem is with the CD/DVD drive. I really want to get back to doing the live cam for all you Minka fans. Until next time, (after my next National title tournament) take care of yourselves and be happy.

July 27th, 2009

Champions again! Last week in Boulder, Colorado my team won the Sectional Championships and now we go to the USANational Championships in Tucson, Arizona from October 29th thru November 1st. The Colorado tournament was a blowout. In 5 matches my team only lost one set, to Utah in the opening match. From then on out it was 12 straight set wins with no losses against Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. For sure it won’t be that easy at the USA Nationals but I am confident that my team has a good chance to become the national champions. No w to get some things straight. I get lots of e-mails every day and cannot remember all of them. When answering an e-mail from me please use the reply button so I can remember what we were talking about. Not many adult entertainers even bother to answer their e-mails with the exception of a very few. One of them being me. I check my computer several times a day for e-mails and try to answer every one of them. It is impossible for me to remember the subject of my e-mails if you start a new e-mail when you reply to one of mine. You have to use the reply button so I can read what we were talking about. If you are inquiring about tennis lessons I do not give topless or naked tennis lessons. My lessons are given on a public court. If YOU want to go topless or naked on a public court, be my guest but I won’t do that. Also, if asking about a lesson do you really think I am going to fly out of Las Vegas to somewhere back east to give one lesson? Be serious please. I only give lessons in Las Vegas so if you don’t live in Las Vegas or are not on vacation or visiting Las Vegas, please don’t ask for tennis lessons. It’s not going to happen. Most people that are out of state use the tennis lesson approach to try and start a conversation with me. Read the feedback section on my website about being pen pals. In short, I just don’t have the time to be pen pals. I get e-mails from fans saying that they are my biggest fans of mine and have lots of my videos. I check my records and see that the person has never gotten my videos from me. I ask them where they got my videos and they reply saying they got my videos from their local adult store. Videos from adult stores are commercially produced videos like the Score videos. Most of my videos are from my own production company and cannot be purchased in any adult store. All my videos are available from me through my website. Click on the store section and then click on the Commercial Videos or Minka produced videos and you will see all my videos with a brief description of the video. Then if you decide to purchase any of my movies you can order them on-line or by mail if you prefer to not use your credit card information over the internet. I can assure you that my on-line system is very secure and in over ten years of having my website, not one identity theft has ever been reported. For Minka merchandise click on the merchandise section and you will see all the photos, magazines, panties, bra’s, shoes and other items that I sell. I want to thank my fans that e-mail me and tell me about my photos that are published on other websites or advertisements that do not have my permission to post them. All my photos are copyrighted by VSP Enterprises, Inc., Normally, just one e-mail to the website or advertising agency that post my photos illegally remove them, especially Craig’s List or E-bay (which people are trying to illegally sell my photos). Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy. I am.

June 28th, 2009

The summer is moving along here in Las Vegas. It is June 28th and is just now starting to get hot here. It has been a cool summer so far. Very unusual for this part of the country and this time of the year. The cooler weather makes my tennis playing much more bearable now. Both my women’s doubles team and mixed doubles team have won the regional tournaments here in Las Vegas. Next month in July I am going to Boulder, Colorado for the sectional championships in both the women’s doubles and mixed doubles. If either of my teams wins we will move on to the National Championships in August, location unknown right now but it won’t be Las Vegas.

I just got through shooting a video with Summer Cummings. After a very long (too long) of a wait it finally happened. She and I getting together for the very first time. I usually play the submissive role but in this movie I shot with Summer the roles were reversed and I was the dominant one. It was a lot of fun shooting with her and the movie is really hot. No doubt I have to say you should get a copy. There is nothing like it anywhere on earth. It will be up in my Minka Store in a few days or you can always order by regular mail. The title is simple, “Minka and Summer Cummings.”

Also, another first for me. A few weeks ago I shot a movie with Jordan Lane. He is a body builder. Very muscular. I have never liked body builders because of their ego’s, but Jordan was very different. He is a very nice guy with a nice personality and a fun guy to be around.


June 18th, 2009

Well, now that springtime is in full swing here in Las Vegas and the weather is heating up, so are the tennis courts. I am on three teams here. A womans doubles team and two mixed doubles teams. We started league play 2 weeks ago and my team has won all our matches. I have won all of mine except for one. I was playing with a male partner that I have never played with before. Fortunately, our team won the match. Our womens doubles team is awesome. We are sure to get to Salt Lake City by the end of the summer for the sectional tournament. If we win that it is on our way to the national tournament, probably being held in Tucson, Arizona.

Woody's surgery went well and he is recovering very slowly. His entire lower right jaw was removed and replaced with a stainless steel bar. All done from the inside so there are no outer scars. The right side of his face is a little shrunken in but should fill out over time. He still can not eat very solid foods. A few more weeks should do it. Right now he is taking demerol for the pain which he still feels. I am in New York right now attending to some business and will be back in Vegas in a few days.


March 30th, 2009

With the economy with the way it is now everything is going slow. Including me. I have been playing tennis almost every day and my league spring/summer league started last week. My women’s doubles team played their first match last week and I and my partner won our match and my team won the total match 3-0. Last Sunday on the spur of the moment I was asked to play in a mixed doubles league. I played with a male partner that I have never played with before and we lost in a 7 point and 10 point tie breaker. I don’t even remember if the team won the total match or not. When I lose I get down on myself and don’t want to talk to anybody for a while.

I have been getting e-mails asking what is going on with the shoot I did for the BOSS a few months ago. I have no idea what he has planned for that and I have not even seen a clip of that.

In case you don’t know, I was on the cover of the March 2009 issue of Score magazine. First cover on Score since 1996. It was about time. Score has also released a short clip of the one of three videos shoots I did for them. If you are interested and you don’t have a copy of that issue of Score, I have it for sale on my website in the store section.

The on-line ordering system has been fixed so you can now order on line again.

The British TV documentary is a thing of the past. I did get one reply from them after complaining to them about the disrespect their entire crew showed to me, my home and my job. They tried to cover themselves but offered no apology. I will never do it again. It has been suggested that I shoot my own documentary but I would first have to find a producer that would be willing to buy it. I’m not in a real great hurry on that project.

Woody got hit in the face with a baseball about 2 weeks ago and has to have major reconstructive surgery. The oral surgeon is going to remove his entire lower right jaw and replace it with a steel jaw. He also has to remove two teeth to get that surgery done. It is a major operation and he will be in the hospital a few days. Hope everything works out well on that. His doctor is one of the best oral surgeons in Las Vegas but I am still worried. Will keep you posted.

I am tentatively planning a trip to London a week before Wimbledon. That would be around the last week of May since Wimbledon starts June 2nd. I will keep you British fans posted about that too and when the trip is confirmed I will put it up on the tour section of my website.

Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy.


February 17th, 2009

I now have a copy of the British TV Documentary, “The World’s Most Enhanced Woman.” If you would like to have a copy please contact me by e-mail: minka@minkaxxx.com, and I will tell you how to get one.

February 07th, 2009

Let’s set the record straight. I saw that British documentary about me and it is really screwed up. First of all they did not tell me that Crystal Storm was going to be in any part of it much less than that girl named Sheyla Hershey, but I guess that is their business. I have nothing against Crystal Storm. She is a good friend of mine. That part about her being at the Olympic Garden topless club was all a set-up. She does not work there. If you noticed, there was no one in the club when she was performing. That should tell you something. This girl Sheyla Hershey got her boob job and she is NOT the biggest in the world. Maxi still is, bar none. Sheyla is not even close to Maxi, me or Chelsea Charms, however, Chelsea does not perform anywhere and does not do hardcore videos. I am still the world’s biggest doing movies. That documentary was so cut up I could not believe it. After I found out about when they were going to televise it, I contacted them by e-mail and reminded them of the deal that I had worked out with the director and Mark Dolan, the interviewer, about them sending me a DVD copy. They disavowed any knowledge of it and I never heard back from them again. That’s why I posted that “emergency’ newsletter requesting someone in the UK to record it for me on DVD.
Next thing is that Mark Dolan made Woody to be the bad guy throughout this entire interview. They went after him so badly I could not believe it. There was one time that Woody got into an argument with Dolan about the questions he was asking him but Woody decided it was not worth arguing with him. Notice the end when Dolan was standing outside my house by himself forming his own opinion about Woody manipulating me into this business. Woody has NEVER manipulated me into doing anything in this business that I did not want to do of my own choosing. Woody does not and never has made any decision for me. Also the part about Woody telling me I had to keep my boobs for ten more years versus my 2-3 years. That was all a set-up to make the documentary argumentative and more interesting, nothing more. I was totally disgusted with that. Another part of the agreement was that I would be able to advertise my website URL during the office part of the interview. That was cut out and never shown. One of the main reasons that I agreed to do this documentary was to advertise my website so that I could get more British fans to join my website. That is part of business. I was not paid for this documentary so I wanted them to at least advertise my website which they never did. That was the sole purpose of my agreeing to do this documentary. Kayla Kleevage had the same agreement about advertising her website which they also never did. She is pissed off to say the least. Same as I am but there is nothing I can do about it. I e-mailed Channel 4 complaining and never got a response. I regret ever doing that TV show.
I have been getting mixed e-mails about this TV show. Most of it favorable but several of them are slamming me and Woody. One e-mail was from an alleged oncologist who stated in his e-mail that he wished Woody would die. And this is from a “doctor.” Unbelievable. There are people that I don’t like but I never wish anyone would die. The doctors name is Leighton Williams and his e-mail address is: williamsleighton@hotmail.com

I will be having the DVD available in my Minka store for purchase. Copyright violations? Maybe, but I also have all their e-mails where they agree to sending me a DVD copy of the show and advertising my website URL. That is just as good as a written contract according to my attorney so if they want to sue me let them. We will see what happens. At most I would have to take it off my website store.

Yes, that was me on the TV show MANswers.

February 2, 2009

I just found out the the TV documentary I did for British TV will be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK on February 4th. The producer/director that filmed it here in Las Vegas no longer works for Channel 4 and Channel 4 disavows any agreement we had that they provide me with a DVD copy of the broadcast. I desperately need one of you UK fans to record the program for me on DVD and send it to me. First fan that records it on a DVD and sends it to me will receive two free videos of your choice. If you record it for me send it to the following address:

Minka Fan Club
8635 W. Sahara Ave., #564
Las Vegas, NV 89117

January 22nd, 2009

Nothing much has been happening the past few weeks. I did not go to the AVN this year. The AVN is getting smaller andsmaller every year and quite frankly I was tired of it this time. I will probably go next year.

The weather here has been seasonably very nice. Probably the warmest winter so far since I have been living in Las Vegas. I practice my tennis almost every day and go to the gym for daily workouts. This year I am on a different team and we should be a winning team to make it to the sectionals in Utah. I don’t know if we are strong enough to make it to the US Nationals. Just have to wait and see on that.

The snow hit here real hard about a month ago. The worst snow storm in the history of Las Vegas. I took some photos of me in the snow which will be put up in the members area of my website real soon.
Nothing else happening right now. Take care of yourselves and be happy.

December 12th, 2008

The New York gig went OK. I did a shoot for the Boss and appeared at his club. Everything went fine. I have not been doing much lately with the winter coming up. It is getting too cold here to play tennis outside anymore so most of my playing is indoors.

I shot some photos for you with my two Christmas trees inside of my house. Those are now up in the members area for you to look at. Here is the story about the live cams. At the last live cam I tried to plug my website in the chat area and each time I put the URL in the monitor of the live cam shut it off and would not let it appear. The live cams are monitored by a girl named Sabrina and she seems to have control over anything in the text area. I even asked her why she was blocking it out and she would not reply to me. Then she totally cut me off and shut down the live cam completely. Now I was supposed to be getting paid $100 for every live cam. I had three live cams with that company. Also I was supposed to be getting paid for the private shows. You think that the company paid me. No. So they ripped me off of the three live cam shows plus all my private shows. I am still waiting to be paid but that is never going to happen. They are rip off artists. So now I am trying to get another live cam company or trying to figure a way that I can do it myself. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Hope everybody has a nice holiday season.

October 25th, 2008

The TV crew from England arrived on schedule last week and came to my house on time. That’s a rarity in this business. We started out shooting in my living room/kitchen area of my house and everything went very smoothly. They actually interviewed Woody for a long time because they were extremely interested in the relationship he and I have as business partners and mates to some degree. Then we went to the tennis courts were I had already had some tennis friends there waiting so they could shoot us (me) playing a real tennis set. I then started playing tennis with their interviewer because of the comment I jokingly made about “kicking his ass.” Did I kick his ass? You bet I did but it was all in fun. We ran into the Summerlin Courts tennis pro there, who is also my pro instructor. They talked about how intimidating I was on the tennis courts because of the size of my boobs. Very distracting to my opponents. They even interviewed my female doubles partner, Nina. They were especially interested in her viewpoint about having me as her partner. No matter what it is, we are a winning combo on the courts. Actually, the first time I ever met Nina was when I played against her in a mixed doubles tournament. It wasn’t the friendliest of matches either. But after getting to know each other we became very good friends and now she is my winning partner that I have been looking for the past three years. Anyway, after that we went to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and then back to my office in my house to do the office part of the documentary where most of this part of the show concentrated around Woody. That was it for that day. The next evening we met up at the Peppermill Restaurant, where they filmed part of the movie, Casino. My good friend Kayla Kleevage showed up for this part of the show and most of this part revolved around Kayla. She wore a stunning sequined stage costume which was attracting a lot of attention. Then came the deluge of people surrounding the table asking if we would pose for photos with them. Of course, no problem with that. I kind of knew this is what was going to turn out to be. The TV crew did not mind at all. They even filmed part of it. Then it was off to “The Strip” to do some walking around. The way we were both dressed really drew attention. Along with Kayla’s costume, I wore a tight fitting pair of blue jeans and a low cut top. Braless of course. We both warned the TV crew ahead of time that this was going to draw a lot of attention and they actually said that this is what they hoped for so that they could shoot it. Kayla and I did not disappoint them. The cell phone and digital camera possessors went nuts taking photos of me and Kayla and of course we posed with the fans each and every time they asked. We heard the usual comments from passer bys. “God Damn,” “Jesus Christ,” “Are the real?” The part of the Strip we were at was jam packed. Attention getters we were. No doubt about it. It was actually a lot of fun. The good part about this documentary was that none of us knew what questions they were going to ask ahead of time. All the answers we three gave them were truthful and honest. Of course this show was a great opportunity for Kayla and I to plug our websites.
I found out that this documentary TV show will be viewed on Channel 4, a major channel in England after 9 PM. It has to be after 9 PM because of the nudity involved. Woody did a nude photo shoot of me by my swimming pool just for their TV show. The director said it will probably go on the air sometime in December. They are going to provide me with a DVD copy of the show and somehow or other I will try and make it available to you. I haven’t figured how yet. If you have any suggestions about how, do let me know. In the meantime you can enjoy all the photos Woody took of all this in my members area coming up shortly.
I have done a few live cams in the last few weeks and experienced some big problems. The first one was a complete no show. I had no idea that the webcam.clubs had changed my account number. They never notified me. I was never able to log on at all. I even contacted my webmaster that night and he could not help. Starting the next morning, the problems were slowly fixed. I ran another test live cam and that also had some, but at least fewer problems. Some more problem fixing was done and I think now that everything is going to be OK. I won’t go into the technicalities of the problems because I don’t understand them either but everything is fixed. Seems that webcamclubs has totally revamped their live cam procedures. I have to do one live cam show for them before I can do one for my paid members. I was able to talk them into doing that simultaneously so now I am killing two birds with one stone. Problem is that I am not allowed to do any private shows for the first hour of my live cam. On my end of the screen there is a running clock which shows me how much time I have remaining. When it clicks to zero I am automatically switched over to webcamclubs where I can do private shows. I believe that my paid members log onto members plug-in. After the hour you switch over to webcamclubs and you are able to sign onto a live show. Anyway, if you have problems e-mail “brian.” He always logs onto my live cams and knows how to do it. You can ask him during the show. I got some real jerks in my last live cam show. If you are going to be filthy, racist or nasty, then don’t log on. The live cam is being monitored by Sabrina and when one of those jerks come on she can warn that person to watch their language or they will be kicked off. On my private shows I can do anything I want to. I have Woody standing by to do any tit fucking, live fucking or BJ’s if that is what you want to see. I assure you that no one else sees it. I even had one private show where the fan had a camera on his end and was jacking off while I played with myself. I really got horny on that one. So if you also have a camera hookup, use it. I would love to see what you are doing watching me do what you want me to. Until next time be happy and take care of yourselves.

October 1st, 2008

Been kind of busy this last month or so. Playing tennis and I just got back from Miami, Florida where I did a shoot for Score. I plan on doing another shoot for the BOSS real soon. Maybe even going to the Dominican Republic for that shoot. The BOSS also wants me to feature at his topless club in New York. That will be something I haven’t done in quite a while and I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, before it doesn’t get too cold. Living here in hot Las Vegas, I am not used to cold weather and do not like it very much.

For those that signed on to the live cam on Sep 30th. I had major problems with the program and had to shut down. When I was logging on I kept getting the free show area where lots of people were logged on and many of them were asking for private shows. From what I know the powers to be at webcam changed my account for some reason and I could not log on for you paying members. My webmaster was not available on the phone to help but even if he was there wasn’t anything he could do about it. The problem has to be fixed by Webcam. There is nothing I nor my webmaster can do about it. When it is fixed I will schedule a live cam right away and not wait until the end of October. So this month there should be 2 live cam shows, not one. Just keep checking the live cam section on my website to see when I have the next show scheduled.

Heads up to all you fans that live in England or any European fans that can get English TV channels. A British TV crew is coming to Las Vegas next week to do a television documentary about me. Some of it will be me showing you around my house, my office and video editing set-up, some tennis playing and some shopping at a local department store (if they can get permission). Possibly also doing a still photo shoot. I didn’t know that English TV allows nudity (if they do). Kayla Kleevage will possibly be joining me for part of the documentary. I have no idea when it will be aired, the name of the TV show or what channel it will be on. Just keep checking the “TOUR” section of my website. I will announce that information when I get it. In the meantime, everybody take care and stay healthy. Minka


August 21st, 2008

Last weekend was a blast. I was in Hollywood, Florida representing Incredible Dollars at the 2008 Internext that was held at the Diplomat Hotel. A really beautiful hotel right on Miami Beach. The weather was not too cooperative as it rained every day. That kept me out of the swimming pool and off the beach. The first evening there, Claudia-Marie tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to go to the bar with her because she wanted to meet Dennis Rodman. I went over with her and he is shaking his hands in the air saying, “no picture, no pictures.” As usual, he was acting in his jerk ways, thinking he was some big deal when actually he is a has been no name now. No one was interested in him. The next day he was walking past my cabana and as I stepped out of my cabana topless he looked at me and said, “Oh no, no pictures.” I replied, “I never asked to take a picture with you. Who are you now anyway, nobody. You need to get off your high horse and treat people with respect instead of blowing people off.” I turned around and walked away from him.

Saturday night was the after convention party that was held at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood. Tera Patrick was supposed to be there as the headliner attraction but she never showed up. That pissed off a lot of people that spent so much money in advertising her appearance. Eric Seinfeld did show up but guess who stole the show. ME. The photographers went ga ga over me and the cameras were blasting away. I got up on a sofa lounge chair and did some dancing for the crowd. The place went ape. Glen, the BOSS was so happy that he gave me a big kiss and thanked me for showing up. It was a real fun party and I had a great time. I will be back next year and I hope the weather is better next time.

July 16th, 2008

The two videos I shot in Cancun, the Workout video and the one with Deauxma are no good. Sound problems on both. I will have pics posted in the members area but both videos will have to be shot all over again.

July 15th, 2008

Cancun. What a fabulous vacation. I left Las Vegas early in the morning and flew to Phoenix for about a one and a half hour layover and then on to Cancun. Arriving in Cancun the lines going through customs was so long that it took over an hour in the line. I had no idea how many people were visiting. Anyway, after getting through customs I went out to the parking lot and was immediately met by my driver who put my suitcase in the van and off we went. Driving to the resort I did not realize just how poor Mexico really is. We turned off a side road and were driving through a swampy area. All of a sudden there was the resort. Crossing the bridge to the resort there was a sign that said, “Do not feed the crocodiles.” I asked the driver if there were really crocs there and he assured me there was but not to worry, that no one had ever been attacked.

I was met by the doorman and taken to my room right away. I tried to give him a tip but he would not take it. When they say all inclusive vacation they really mean it. I then was met by a guide who took me around the resort showing me where everything was. I told him I was hungry and he took me to the outdoor buffet right next to the swimming pool. There were lots of people in the pool, most of them topless or totally naked. I ate right away and the food was delicious. After eating I unpacked, put on my bikini and went to the pool where I tanned the rest of the day. For dinner I went to the Japanese restaurant where again the food was delicious. After dinner, I took a nap. When I awoke, I put on a sexy outfit and went to the bar and started to socialize with the people. There was a live rock band there and of course I did some dancing. Many of the women there were topless, or totally naked.

I was still a little inhibited and kept my top on. After socializing at the bar, I was tired and went to bed. I got up real early the next morning and went to the breakfast buffet where again the food was delicious. Then it was off to the pool the entire day for tanning. After the first day I started to do some photo shoots which will be in the members area. What a great place for taking photos. I also shot a workout video for you fans that have been demanding that I do one. The girl/girl video I shot with Deauxma while I was there is probably the most shocking and bizarre two girl video I have ever done in over ten years in this business. It was a gusher! What I mean by that is that Deauxma is a squirter. Not really a squirter, but a gusher. You will have to get the video to see what I mean. It was three days of this routine and hanging around the bar in the evening socializing was really the most fun and very relaxing. By the third day I was no longer intimidated and was walking around the place totally in the buff. I met a lot of very nice people there and I plan to go again next year on June 30th to July 7th. Next time I am going to stay longer. I am already planning my next vacation to Cabo San Lucas in January right after the AVN. I can’t wait. It’s been over ten years since I took a vacation where I did not have to work and I realized that this is what life is all about. You can’t take it with you so it is time for me to start easing up and enjoying life. Until next time be happy and healthy.

June 25th, 2008

It had to happen sooner or later. You can blame it on the oil companies, the countries that have the oil or whoever or whatever you want to blame it on. After over ten years of having my website, this is the first time I have had to raise the price of my videos. I have held my prices the same from the very beginning up until now, but I just cannot do it any longer.

Effective August 1st, all my videos will cost $5.00 more. That tells me one thing. That is to get as many videos as you can while the prices are still at $30.00 for most of my videos. In fact, I have already increased the prices of my videos in my mail order catalog, so ordering by credit card would be best until August 1st.

Now this is what is going to happen after August 1st if ordering by mail. Some of you may try to pull the wool over my eyes by sending only $30.00 plus $5.00 for P&H thinking that I am going to send you the video because I am such a nice person . Business is business. I will send you a letter stating that you owe me $5.00 and as soon as I receive it I will mail you the video. Gee whiz Minka, I have been such a great fan for many years, can’t you give me a break. I could but I can’t. I have to make a living also so I hope all you great and loyal fans and even the many new ones will understand my position. I keep pretty good records for legal purposes so I pretty well know who is ordering something from an old catalog. That will only work one time but when that happens the customer will be getting a new catalog with the price increases on it. I was born at night, but not last night .

You will also see some price increases on other items like custom photos. I won’t go into a lot of detail about that here.

Some other news. My eye from my last lasik surgery still has not healed up. Lawsuit? Just have to wait and see. I can still play tennis but I have to use my glasses. My glass frames just has one lens in it. I took out the other lens. Since my team is going to Utah late August for the Sectionals Championships, which if my team wins we go to I don’t know where yet for the National Championships. I hope Hawaii. So, right now it is just practicing. There are some upcoming local tournaments I plan on playing in.

Off to Cancun this Saturday for some vacation time, relaxation and lots of shooting. I am meeting up with Deauxma there and we plan to do a lot of shoots together. Never know who else may show up. Of course I will let you know all about my trip in my next newsletter. So until then you all take care of yourselves and be happy.

May 19th, 2008

It has been a slow past few weeks. I had a live cam last night which went very well. Had a few problems with the text messaging portion of it and sometimes had to use the voice (which I don’t like to do). But I got through it OK. I went totally nude and did some closeups of the important parts. Lot’s of raves for that. No complaints at least. My womens doubles tennis team has been winning every week and tomorrow night might be the last match of the season. If my team wins we go to Utah for the Sectional Championships in August. I have won three out of four of my last matches. Seventy five percent 75% is not bad. I’m not complaining.

I have another guy doing a lot of insulting in e-mails to me. Instead of publishing his name and e-mail address, if you want to blast him e-mail me and I will e-mail you back his name and e-mail address. I already have one fan giving him the works but it doesn’t seem to help. This guy is a total moron. I’ll keep you posted as far as my tennis team is doing. Will have a new movie coming out shortly and the “climax” to it is NASTY!! As I promised I would get more nasty for you. Until next time take care of yourselves and be happy.

April 1st, 2008

I just played in my first women's league match last Wednesday night and my partner and I won. The first set was close and we won in a tie breaker. The second set was easier and we won that by a score of 6-2. The livecam that I held last Thursday night was successful if you call seeing me a success but losing typed communication the last half of the live cam was a bummer. When that happened I had to switch over to the microphone. Those of you that were on and hearing me speak now know I have a heavy accent. Throughout the entire live cam I kept wondering why the live cam participation was so low. I know how many people were logged on and to be honest I am too embarrassed to tell you. I could not figure that out. A few days after that I got an e-mail from a fan who participated in the live cam telling me he liked it but why as a paid member was he being charged $40.00 to log on. WHAT??? He paid $4.00 to log on. I must be having a brain fart or something because I had no idea members were being charged to participate in the live cam. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!! It never dawned on me that that was the reason fan participation was so low. I don't have to log on like you fans do so I don't get any notification about being charged $4.00 to log on. I just click a link that my webmaster gives me and I'm up and running.

If you have log on problems or billing problems, sending me an e-mail is a waste of your time and mine. I don't get involved with that. You need to send an e-mail to my webmaster Jim at: james.beckish@gmail.com. He can help you with your problem or can at least tell you what to do. Again, don't e-mail me. It does you no good. A reply from the nasty e-mailer. Now he claims it was not him and blames someone else. Yeah, right.

March 18th, 2008

I just want to show you fans what I have to put up with in e-mails. Some Morocan guy e-mailed me saying he was my BIGGEST fan and wanted some free autographed photos. I told him to read the feedback section on my website. He did and this was his exact reply. "its morrocco you stupid korean cocksucker. go eat some babi you stupid fuck maby you become smarter you dump bitch its unbelievable how dump you the only think to spread your legs dump ass korean go sucky sucky" Calling me stupid? Look how his English is so screwed up besides his being racist.

It would be just great for all you Minka fans to plow him under with e-mails. Drive him nuts and let me know if he replies to any of your e-mails to him and blast him. Ask him if he has balls enough to give me his address. I would love to go see him and smack him in the face.

March 17th, 2008

It has been a slow last two weeks. The cold I caught in San Francisco laid me up in bed a few days and I really fell behind in my mail order. I am catching up now so you fans that have ordered by mail or on-line should be receiving your orders shortly.

The one thing I wanted to tell you about is your e-mailing me with your log on problems or sign up problems. By E-mailing me you are just wasting your time. When I get your e-mails with these type of problems all I am going to do is e-mail you back telling you to contact my webmaster and forward your e-mail to him asking him to help you. When you have these problems you should contact my webmaster directly. His name is Jim and his e-mail address is: james.beckish@gmail.com

I have managed to get back on the tennis court about the last week practicing for my upcoming league season. I am on a pretty good womens doubles team which I hope will win the regional tournament and then have the chance to go to Utah for the sectionals. If that happens and my team wins sectionals we will compete in either Hawaii or Minneapolis for the national championships. Wishful thinking. I am also on a mixed doubles team which I hope will also win. Just have to wait and see what happens. Anything can happen on any given day in league or tournament competition. Lots of it is a mental attitude throughout the entire match. If you have a brain fart, it's over and you lose. I will keep you informed.

March 4th, 2008

I was busy the last few weeks with a trip to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I caught a cold in San Francisco. I'm trying to get over that now. Before I forget lets talk about some of the sign up problems some of you may have been experiencing. I have been getting e-mails from fans complaining that they are getting double billed after signing up. Some of these e-mails have been real nasty and accusing me of being fraudulent. If my website was fraudulent I would have been put out of business a long time ago. So lets not be saying those kinds of things. Here is the problem. In your haste to sign up you are not reading entirely each page of the sign up process. About the second or third page at the bottom (not hidden or in small print) there are three (3) boxes that are automatically checked. The first box is for my site. The second and third box is for other sites. If you only want my site and only want to be billed once then you have to UNCHECK the other two boxes and finish up the process. Problem solved.

The last few days I have been at the Tennis Channel Open here in Las Vegas watching the pros play. Very exciting tennis and some of the best in the world here. Layton Hewitt, Marat Safin, the Bryan brothers, just to name a few. I love watching the Bryan brothers. They are the best men's doubles team in the world.

I just had an all viewers live web cam earlier this evening. There were some technical difficulties at the beginning but I finally came on at about 7:15 PM, pacific and stayed until about 8 PM. Then I got e-mails complaining that I did not go topless. This was an open to the public live cam (kids can watch this). It is illegal for me to go topless, touch myself or be in any way sexually explicit. I can only do that for the paid members live cam. I think most everyone understood that and overall enjoyed the live cam. I also got e-mails saying I was a no show. After asking these fans where they lived I found out that they were all on the east coast. No wonder I wasn't on. Seven (7) o'clock Pacific time is 10 PM east coast time, not 7 PM east coast time. Those fans tuned in at the wrong time. I am planning a members only live cam later this month so check the live cam section on my site to see what day and time. It will be in most cases 7 PM PACIFIC time so that east coast viewers can watch it at a reasonable time. I plan on going to LA March 7th and 8th to play in a tennis tournament. See you in a few weeks.

January 25th, 2008

Well, the 2008 AVN is over and it was a busy time for me. I signed everyday, 1⁄2day for PAW and the other half for IVD (The BOSS). The crowds were tremendous. I was also able to take topless polaroids as long as I wore pasties. There were not as many celebrities there this year but I did get to meet members of the rock band Spread Eagles. They were pretty cool guys. They invited me to their party but I didn’t go, not at 3 in the morning. That is too late for me. I also went to the Erotica Induction this year. A few of my friends were inducted this year. Ron Jeremy and Mimi Miyagi. The others were Debi Diamond. Midori and Kitten Natividad. It was great finally meeting Kitten. She is older now but still looking good. We talked quite a bit about our careers and she sure has had a fascinating career. Amazing in fact. I gave Ron a topless tit smash and the crowd went nuts. I also found out that last year when I dipped my boobs into the concrete that it did not turn out because there was not enough concrete and that I had to do it again. Bill Margold saved me for last because he knew the crowd wanted to see me topless dipping my boobs in concrete. However, when it came time for me we were told that there was again not enough and that I would have to do it again next year. They have to build a deeper mold with more concrete in it for my huge boobs. I am looking forward to that again! One of these years it will finally get done. The 2008 AVN photos and Erotica Induction photos are in my members area. Hope you all are liking my new website.

January 15th, 2008

I think it is time to take a survey of what fans want to see me do in my videos. If you have been paying attention to my career you may have noticed that over the past few years I no long do videos with professional or even amateur talent without a condom. Even though I require negative HIV tests from the male partner just as well as he requires one from me, those tests can be very deceiving. Even if a test is only a few days old, how do I know who he has sex with YESTERDAY. Or maybe has even done gay video, which I found out one of my past professional partners has done. I also don't trust that all professional guys stay within the business as far as sex partners go. The only person you will see me shoot with without a condom is Woody. He may not be the same bodywise as he was before contracting cancer, but his cancer has been in remission now for 7 years and he is able to perform again. So what do you want to see? Me shooting videos with various talent with condoms and the money shot always being on my tits, or me shooting with Woody with the money shot being a facial, in my mouth and even internally in my p***y or in my butt (something I have never done before). You can give me your opinion by e-mailing me at minka@minkaxxx.com

Majority opinion rules and you can also give me suggestions on what you want me to do. I may even do a double or even triple gang bang but the guys will be wearing condoms unless one of them is Woody. Sorry, no bukkake and no monsters dicks.

January 2nd, 2008

Well, the holiday season for 2007 has come and gone. Another year older for everybody. My how time flies when you are having fun. I spent a relatively quiet Christmas going over to friends houses exchanging Christmas gifts and having a Christmas dinner at one of my tennis playing partners house. It was a quiet day. I also got a little excited watching some college football games on TV over the past few weeks. Some of those bowl games were really exciting.

I enjoyed watching USC beat Illinois the best. On the night before New Years Eve I went to the Van Halen rock concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It was a packed house. The concert was AWESOME! Nonstop for almost two hours. Eddie played with no shirt on the entire concert. He is sure trimmed down now and buffed up. Alex on drums was awesome and of course David Lee Roth was looking good and sounding great. No one can replace him. Sammy Hagar is acceptable but nothing is better than David Lee Roth. I was still buzzing after the concert was over.

On New Years Eve I went to see and dance to my favorite band in Las Vegas, Yellow Brick Road. The club was standing roon only. When I got there the line was so long I knew I would never get my favorite front row table. I went around to the backstage entrance, saw Mark Cole, the lead guitarist, told him my problem. Problem solved. He brought me and Woody backstage where we hung with the band yakity yaking until the ballroom was open. Then we got our usual up front table. The concert was great and I did a lot of dancing. Brody, the lead singer always introduces me to the crowd, comes off stage and I give him a good tit mashing in front of everybody. The crowd loves it and so does Brody. We have been good friends with the band members for almost ten years now. We also go to a lot of hockey games with the drummer, James. With the AVN coming next week I plan on taking some of the big boob girls to one of their concerts and really bringing the house down. When I do that Brody always call us on stage and we do some bumping, grinding and boob shaking (no topless). Then band and the crowd loves it. Then we go backstage afterwards for a photo op. I will let you know what happens in a few weeks. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. My wish for the New Year is to stay healthy and for Woody's cancer to stay in remission.

November 8th, 2007

I played in the tennis tournament and won the women's doubles championship. It was the LA Open Tournament. Now I am back to practicing here in Las Vegas.

I just did a radio interview last Tuesday night that will be broadcast over SIRIUS but I don't know when. The host was retired porn stud Randy West and the hostess was none other than THE Rebecca Love. Rebecca is really a hot looking girl and we already agreed to shoot some G/G video. I got somewhat nasty during the interview and went topless. Randy West about went bonkers. I rubbed my nipples until they got hard and long and he really went ape. Then he says he's a butt man, not a tit man. Who cares, he still went nuts. Rebecca was amazed and I let her lift my boobs up so she could see for herself how heavy they are. It was a lot of fun. They plan to do some TV work in the future and want me to appear. I will keep you updated on that.

Now for the real important stuff. I have been nominated again by Score magazine for Model Of The Year. I NEED YOUR VOTES!! Please e-mail me your name and mailing address and I will send you a write-in voters ballot along with as SASE. If you are a member of Scoreland.com you can vote for me online. When I send you the ballot please pay close attention to the instructions.

Talk to you soon.

October 18th, 2007

The last few weeks have been very busy for me. About 2 weeks ago I had Ron Jeremy over to my house for dinner along with Kayla Kleevage. I made corned beef and cabbage. Needless to say that Ron scarfed everything down including the kitchen sink. That man sure can eat. He has a new book out about his life in the adult business and it is on the New York Times Best Seller List. What a life he has led. I wish I were so lucky but then again I don't have a willie like he does.

Been practicing a lot of tennis lately and I will be playing in an all Korean tennis tournament this weekend in Los Angeles. I am flying to LA Saturday morning. All expenses paid. What a deal!

I met a girl whose professional name is Sexy Vanessa. She took me over to her house. What a beautiful home she has and it also has two dungeons. She is very sexy looking and I will be doing a lot of shoots with her, especially in the BDSM area. She is an expert at it. You can see what she looks like by going to her website at: www.sexyvanessa.com

She is originally from Argentina and was once Andy Gibb's girlfriend before he died. Just had my annual physical and everything is fine. When I was taken to the mammogram room I knew what to expect and just smiled and didn't say a thing. When the technician realized that I could not take a mammogram because of my silly string she was amazed and then a whole bunch of doctors and technicians came in to see what was going on. They could not believe and were amazed at what they saw with the size of my boobs. Then they started asking me a whole bunch of boob related questions that I answered as best as I could. When they finally left the room they were all just shaking their heads in amazement.

If you are a Scoreland member I would certainly appreciate it if you would go to the Scoreland website and vote for me for Model Of The Year. I have been nominated for the third year in a row and it would be just great to receive the award again. If I win it again I would be the first ever Score model to ever win the award more than once. If you do that you will have to pay close attention to the ballot instructions because you have to vote for one girl in each category for the ballot to be valid.

In my last newsletter I spoke about Lisa Lipps stopping by my house and me taking some pics of her. Well, those pics are up in my members area in the friends section.

I will let you know in my next newsletter how I did in that all Korean tennis tournament.

Maybe I should run for President of the US. Just found out I can't. I was not born in the USA. Talk to you soon.

September 7th, 2007

I just got back from New York last week where I shot two movies for TheBoss. One movie is for Big Tits and Curvy Asses and the other is for Moms A Cheater websites. I was able to work out a deal with the boss that I could sell the two videos from my website in 6 months. Be looking for them come February 30, 2008. Those two scenes were the toughest scenes I have ever shot in my career because my male partners were so hung! I could not walk straight for two days after. While I was there The Boss got me tickets to the US Open and I went to see Venus Williams play. It was really hot there at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

After almost 6 years of not seeing each other, Lisa Lipps stopped by my house. She has black hair now and I have never seen her in better shape. I shot some photos of her and they will be in the members area very soon.

One of the hottest things that happened was that I was able to meet up with Claudia-Marie, the southern Milf who is one of the hottest women on the internet today. She is a beautiful blond with two huge natural knockers. Did she want to shoot a girl/girl with me? You bet! She was shooting for the boss and because the boss is so cool he allowed me to shoot with her. Claudia-Marie is just plain wild. I have never met a girl like her sexwise. She just loves sex and the movie we shot together proves it. It is probably one of the sexiest two girl movies I have ever done. It is out now in the store section of my website and in the members area you can see 68 photos of that movie. This is a must for you girl/girl fans, you Minka fans or your Claudia-Marie fans.

August 1st, 2007

I just got finished playing womens doubles in a tennis tournament and took the second place trophy. Can't win them all. My partner was a little weak and had problems playing the net.

Some good news for all is that now ALL my videos have been converted to DVD format. Time to throw out all your old worn out VHS tapes and get the DVD's. Prices of the DVD's did not go up although they do cost a bit more to make.

I had Jade Feng here last month to do some shooting. For those of you that do not know who she is, Jade has made a few appearances in Score magazine. She is Chinese and probably the second largest breasted Asian in the world. I think you know who is the biggest. Jade has some big boobs with large dark aereola and big nipples. We shot a lot of video and hundreds of still photos. All the photos will eventually be in the members area of my website and all the videos will soon be available. Remember, to see Jade you can only get the videos from my website. Not in stores or available anywhere else.

That reminds me. I have been getting a lot of e-mails saying that I am not the biggest Asian in the world. These e-mails refer me to a website featuring a lot of either Thai or Filipino girls with HUGE tits. Hey you guys, if you can't tell what a computer morph is then I just don't know what to say. I even joined that site for one day to get into the members area and did not see even one photo of any of those girls topless. The website even tells you about those girls being computer morphed. Actually, it is a pretty good website if you like computer morphing.

Yes, that was me on the Gene Simmons TV show. Gene Simmons, you know, the rock star of the Kiss rock and roll band. He interviewed me at the last AVN convention. Real nice guy. So please, no more e-mails asking if it was me.

Some bad news for right now. I found out that the websites I have been researching to carry my live cam shows own the rights to any of my live cam shows. They can re-sell any of my shows to anyone that wants to buy them and I don't get one red cent. So for the time being there will be no live cams. I am still looking for ways to do this for you fans. It's not as easy and as cheaply as it used to be with my old website.

BTW, I won my lawsuit against my old webmaster. I can't tell you how much I was awarded but I will never collect a penny of it. He is unemployed living with his mommy somewhere in the Midwest. That ass hole doesn't even pay his child support to his ex-wife. Hundreds of e-mails over the past 2 years asking me what ever happened to Cookie. Here is the story. Cookie was married to a really good looking Japanese girl with a great body (Yuki) who even did some shoots with me. He started going to Thailand several times a year claiming it was to work. It wasn't for work, it was for the cheap sex. Well, he met some really ugly skinny Thai girl there that he fell in love with and eventually brought her to the USA to get married. After she got here and found out he was broke and was going to be sued she went right back to Thailand. I met her once. Once was enough. That girl gave Cookie a case of gonoreah not once, but TWICE and a case of genital herpes so bad that his legs are all scarred up. And that is what he was in love with? Unbelievable! Maybe it was more than just cheap sex with 12 year old girls that was influencing his perverted mind.

Last month I went to the LA Erotica for the first time. I was signing for Bill Margold at the Protecting Adult Welfare booth. It was really a great time. Probably more fun than at any other adult convention I have ever been to.

I will not be going to the ED Expo this year. I guess the powers to be decided not to have the Fan Fair. That is a big mistake as far as I am concerned. The Fan Fair was the only place where the fans could meet with the adult entertainers, get and take photos with them and even enjoy lap dances. The tickets are so expensive just to even go to the expo. Most of the talent agencies do not pay the girls to attend the expo so I believe it is going to get worse. Maybe a lot of “wannabees” there but not many of the big name performers. I have noticed over the past few years that the expo is getting smaller and smaller. The prices are outrageous.

For you fans that are interested in my 8x10 photos, I have all new 8x10's that you can purchase and have personally autographed by me. Check it out in the store section of my website.

I am also looking into VOD (Video On Demand) where you will be able to download my complete videos. The problem with that is bandwidth. I won't be able to put up all my videos at one time. What I am thinking is to put up a few videos at a time that you will be able to download for probably the same price as ordering them from me. Leave them there for a few weeks, take them down and replace them with a few more. That is if the bandwidth doesn't put me in the poor house. We will see.

Maybe a credit card ordering system in the near future. Maybe.

Take care of yourselves. Love, Minka

May 5th, 2007

Some real good news. I just got a video converter and have begun to convert my older videos onto DVD format. Check the store section on my website to see which ones have already been converted. I plan on eventually having all my videos available to you in DVD format but it will take some time. Some tennis news. I just finished playing in the Red Rock Classic Tournament in the mixed doubles division. My partner and I made it to the finals. In the finals match we lost the first set miserably 6-3 and the second set we won 6-2. It looked good for us but we both went to krap in the ten point tie breaker. I double faulted on my serve 3 times, which I have never done before and my partner double faulted 2 times, which he has never done. My net game that night was really bad and I hit many of my net volleys right into the net. Same for my partner. I still wound up winning another trophy. All my trophies won't buy a cup of coffee and is just another item to keep clean. Tennis is my hobby in life and I love it. I play or practice every day. Jade Feng is coming into town at the end of this month and we plan on doing some shoots together. She is the second largest breasted Asian in the world. This is going to be some HOT session. I plan on a Jade solo video, a 2 girl, a three way and a four way. We are also going to shoot a topless tennis video where I will be teaching Jade how to hit a tennis ball. This should be a very sexy video. I will keep you posted on this.

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