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July 7
Dear Minka,

I have received the order that you sent me in a timely manner and also in great condition too. I wanted to personally write and thank you for my order. I have to say that you are one of the few in the adult entertainment business that really takes care of her customers. There are some out there that simply ' take the money and run'. I am so happy that you are not one of those people as I have been a fan of yours since you first started ( and you look even more fabulous now ). In the future, I do plan on ordering again, because of the great service which you provided me. Perhaps I will even make an appointment with you for a tennis lesson ( I have to really plan for that, so someday ? ).

Take care and again, thanks so much !

One of your best fans,

Pen Pal Rules

For those of you that have e-mailed me you know that I answer most of my e-mails as long as they are not racist or real nasty. I am one of the few adult entertainers who answers her e-mails. I always send you a note back appreciating your compliments and I pride myself in communicating with all my fans as much as possible. What happens is that when I return a note, some of you ask me to become your pen pal. Please understand that my website and e-mail is the first step to a business enterprise. I hope that my fans like me and my site and will eventually order something or become a member so that I can earn a living and maintain my website. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to be pen pals. I get hundreds of requests to become pen pals and time does not permit it. Now when I tell you I dont have the time, many of you become nasty and e-mail me back and start the name calling and filthy stuff because I said no. That is real low class.

E-Mail Rules


Be nice! Be compliminentary if you like me or my site.
Be suggestive in making my site better, don't be nasty.
Ordering information. Ask me.
Do order my merchandise and videos.


Don't be disrespectful or obscene in e-mail. If you are you won't get a reply.
Don't ask me questions that are in my FAQ's.
Sex mail is fine in snail mail but not in e-mail.
Don't e-mail me in code (UR my favrit, etc.) Speak English. Remember, neatness and spelling counts.
Don't ask for free photos, merchandise or sample videos. Those who do are only looking to get something for nothing.

Q. The most popular is: Minka, I am your BIGGEST fan. I have a big dick. Can you help me get into the porn business? Can I make a movie with you?
A. No. I am not a talent scout for the porn business. The best advice I can give you is to go to the adult conventions and introduce yourself to the producers and see if they are looking for talent. No, you can not make a movie with me. I have tried it several times and each time it went bad. With a camera crew and hot lights the guy went limp, nervous and failed miserably.

Q. I have been following your career for many years and I am your BIGGEST fan. Can you send me a free autographed photo
of you.
A. No free pics. I have to pay for my pics and that gets expensive. If I sent a free pic to everyone who asked for one I would be broke. Most that ask for one don't even have the common sense to send a SASE.

Q. Are your tits real?
A. Yes, real big!

Q. What are your measurements?
A. I am 44KK-24-35 and I wear a 44KK bra.

Q. My wife/girlfriend is thinking about getting a boob job. Can you recommend a good doctor.
A. No. Any good doctor can do it. Make sure the doctor is board certified and talk to more than one doctor.

Q. I am a dancer and want to get my boobs as big as yours. Can you recommend a good doctor?
A. Refer to the above. Anyway, I don't have implants. I have a secret "lotion" from the orient that I massage on my boobs to make them as big as I want. If you believe that then I have some swamp in the Everglades that I want to sell you. The other thing I have is polyurethane string, not implants. There are only five girls in the world that have it and some of them had problems. I have been lucky enough not to have any problems with it. The doctor who performed the surgery is no longer doing it so please don't ask.

Q. Are your boob sensitive or did you lose feeling in them?
A. They are real sensitive.

Q. What is your idea of when enough is enough is enough as far as boob size is concerned?
A. I am in the big boob business and size matters as long as I feel comfortable and look good with huge tits.

Q. Do people make comments when you are out in public?
A. Yes. Men are OK about it. Their comments are usually "Damn, did you see that?' or "Jesus Christ, look at that." The women are the worst, especially the fat ones. The ones so fat that their thighs chafe together when they walk. They make the filthy comments, especially when they are walking with their husbands of boyfriends. I remember one time passing a fat woman and her husband on the street and as I passed them he turned and looked at me. His wife punched him in the stomach and asked him what he was looking at. He told her I was a lot better looking than she was. She punched him again. Another time I was in McDonalds standing behind a fat women. She glanced back at me, took a look and said to me, "That is disgusting," loud enough for everyone on line to hear. She turned around to order and ordered 2 quarter pounders, 2 large fries and a large diet coke. I busted out laughing and said, "Lady, I don't think a diet coke is going to help you in your condition." Everyone that heard me say that busted out laughing. It shut her up.

Q. Isn't the competition pretty big in your business?
A. Yes it is competitive. I have found that my appeal in this business is because I am Asian with big boobs. Many of my fans are attracted to these qualities which has allowed me to be in the business for a long time.

Q. How did you get started in the adult business and why?
A. I graduated from college in Seoul, Korea and got a contract to teach tennis at the US Army base in Seoul. I came to the USA in 1993 to be a professional tennis teacher but because of my English I could not pass the USPTA test to become licensed. I was then invited to compete in the Asian Olympics in Chicago which I did. I won the Gold Medal in womens singles and womens doubles. When I was in the shower with my female partner after a match she saw my shape and suggested to me that I should be a nude model. I thought about it and sent a photo of myself to John Graham in England. I week later I had my ticket to England. I appeared on the cover of Score magazine my very first shoot. I then house danced in Washington, DC for a while to get used to stripping and then became a feature dancer. The rest is history.

Q. But why such big boobs? Couldn't you do what you do without such big boobs?
A. No. The adult entertainment business is a use em up throw them away business. There are very few girls in the business that stay around a long time. You have to have a "catch." Something that people want to see over and over again. My "catch" is my boobs. Most new girls make a lot of adult movies in a few years and fans get tired of them. Then they are gone. Fans do not get tired of looking at big boobs, especially Asain big boobs. That's why I have managed to stay around a long time.

Q. Is there racism in your business?
A. Yes and that is all I will say about it. Do not ask me in e-mail any racist questions. You will not get a response.

Q. Have you ever considered appearing at? When are you coming to? Do you have any plans to appear at?
A. I get hundreds of e-mail asking me that. I have a tour section on my website. Refer to that.

Q. Who looks out for your well being and what are your plans for the future?
A. My manager and I do. No one else. I was the first model ever to start my own video company so I could make my own money, not the video companies in LA. Maybe thats why a lot of the video companies don't like me. Many of my videos are not available in stores. Only from my website. I don't plan to ever totally retire.

Q. What do you do when you are not working?
A. I play a lot of tennis and work out at the 24 hour fitness center in Las Vegas almost every day. Right now I am the Las Vegas womens doubles champion. I cook, clean my own house, make my own kimche and take care of my small dogs. I am noted for my excellent cooking. Please don't ask for recipes. I don't have recipes, I just cook it.

Q. Do you need a personal trainer?
A. No. I already have one.

Q. Does your back hurt and can you sleep on your stomach?
A. My back does not hurt. Back muscles do not support the boobs. Shoulder muscles do. With my weight training program I have no shoulder pain. I can sleep in any position I want to.

Q. How old are you?
A. Never ask a woman her age. I was born September 7th and am old enough to be in this business. If you want to send me a gift for my birthday, I'll take it!

Q. You don't seem to tour as much as other girls do. Any reason for that?
A. Yes. I wont burn out as fast. Some girls are suited for it. I am not.

Q. Are you friends with other girls in your line of work?
A. Elliot James of Score magazine told me a long time ago that there are three kinds of people in this business. People I can be friends with and work with. People I can work with and bye bye after the job is over and people I just don't want to be around. Guess which is the shortest list. I have a few friends, a very few.

Q. Who are some of your best friends?
A. Don't put me on the spot with that question. If you go through my website you will get an idea of who my friends might be.

Q. What about being friends with other oriental girls in the adult business?
A. I only am acquainted with Mimi Miyagi. The others I have known have come and gone.

Q. Who are some of your favorite adult movie stars?
A. I have always been turned on by Christy Canyon. There are others but if I start to mention names I will leave someone out and I don't want to piss anyone off. None of the male performers turn me on to watch. I like making the movie with some of them, not watching them.

Q. Are you approachable for a relationship?
A. Absolutely not! I have seen hundreds of girls get into a relationship with a guy and it just does not work. Guys get jealous no matter what they say. They start to limit what their girls can and can not do in the adult business and eventually they break up and in most cases the guys gets away with all the money. That is not for me.

Q. Be honest. Do you really like what you do?
A. Yes. One reason is because I am well managed and have not made any real big mistakes so far and have not been taken advantage of. I love guys and girls watching me strip on stage. I also love a lot of people on a movie set watching me do a sex scene. I figure you only live once so I am going to enjoy it. I am seually liberated and I will have no one tell me what I can or can not do as a free thinking person.

Q. Do you do inter-racial movies?
A. You mean do I do black guys. I am Asian. All my movies are inter-racial.

Q. Do you do bachelor parties?
A. In Las Vegas. For out-of-towners only.

Q. How much do you charge for a bachelor party?
A. Everything you have :-) The idea is to make you go home happy.

Q. What is your best video?
A. I don't recommend videos. What you like may not be what I like. Just read the videos descriptions on my website and decide for yourself.

Q. I live outside the USA. Can I get your videos?
A. Most countries in the Far East my videos are illegal. Most countries in Europe my videos are legal. I have no problem shipping my videos to European countries. Australia is also no problem.

Q. Can I get photos of you outside the USA?
A. Sure, no problem.

Q. How long are your videos?
A. Scenes in pro videos last from about 15-25 minutes. My videos from my own company, VSP Enterprises, Inc., are me from start to finish and are usually from about 45 minutes to one hour long.

Q. Can I get your movies in PAL format?
A. No. I don't not have the equipment to convert to PAL. In most countries you can get dual players. Many of my videos now come in DVD format which is also easier to ship.

Q. Speaking of DVD's, why are some of your DVD's more expensive than your VHS movies.
A. Some of the professional DVD's I am under contract and I have to sell the for the same price as the original company. I never undercut the prices of the original producer. Some of them charge me more to purchase DVD's than the VHS format. As for my own DVD's, I have to buy the blanks, cases and labels at retail prices. I don't have the luxury of being a big studio that can buy this stuff at huge discount prices. Also, when someone orders a DVD, I have to burn them one by one. This is time consuming so guess who pays for my time to burn it for you.

Q. I am a big fan. Can I make a video with you?
A. Not anymore. I tried it and it does not work. All my fans want to have sex but when the hot lights go on and the crew is ready to shoot their willies go limp. I do not have that time to waste and I don't fluff my male partners during a scene. If they can't keep it up by themselves, then bye-bye. One of the best amateurs I worked with was Gino who I made the G-Spot and Ramrods with. There was Gino's girlfriend who worked the camera and that was a real turn-on. Another good one was CJ. That's about it.

Q. What do you look for in a guy?
A. Cleanliness! I do not like body builder ego types. I have even refused to give lap dances to guys who have body odor or bad breath.

Q. What do you look for in a woman?
A. Same thing. Cleanliness!

Q. Some magazines portray you as a nasty slut. Does that bother you?
A. I am whatever you want me to be. Magazines will say what they want to in order to sell magazines. I have no control over what they say. Those of you that have met me know that I hae a nice personality and that I treat everyone with respect. Many magazines have printed what I have actually said in an interview. I have the utmost respect for the magazines that do that.

Q.Early in your career you shot your movies with mainly one guy. Then he disappeared for a while and is now back.
What happened??
A. You are referring to Woody. He is my manager and main shooter. In 1999 he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable type of bone cancer. He underwent chemotherapy 24/7 for two straight years and lost a lot of weight and all his hair everywhere on his body. He almost died. He spent 5 months at the University of Arizona where he underwent a stem cell transplant that put his cancer in remission. We he got out of U of A he weighed 77 pounds. He slowly recovered and is now able to shoot again. He does not look like he used to but he can still perform and as far as I am concerned, he is the best. I will shoot with him with no condom. All other have to use a condom. Maybe Ron Jeremy no condom, maybe.

Q. Can I get magazines and photos of you where you only sign your name?
A. No. What most people do with those is to try and sell them at a profit like on e-Bay. Photos are worth more when not personally autographed. I get a lot of requests for those at the adult conventions and some in regular mail and over the internet.

Q. What is your opinion about HIV in the adult industry?
A. First thing is because it is the adult industry it becomes a media frenzy. There is more HIV in the gay community than in the adult industry but the media does not publicize that. Still, it is cause for concern. I do not shoot any more professional movies without the use of a condom. Too many pro guys have sex outside the industry and that is dangerous even if they have a negative HIV test. A negative test can be a week old but how do I know who he had sex with yesterday! The only person I somewhat trust in this business is Ron Jeremy.

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